Home Decor: Tips And DIY Artwork Ideas To Decorate Your Walls


Home decor is an important part of the interior design; read on to know more on various tips & DIY ideas to decorate your walls with quirky art decor

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Home Decor is an important part of the interior design. Decorating homes can be a therapeutic experience for some. Selecting your own furniture, decor items, cosy corners, and much more. Your house speaks about your personality in general. Home decor should be done with utmost care and precision. An eminent part of home decor is decorating your walls. Most people purchase expensive wall art decor to fill up their space. There are many inexpensive ways and DIY ideas that you could use. Here are tips and tricks to decorate walls with unique art Decor

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1) DIY Wall Art

The perfect way to incorporate some inexpensive and unique art decor is to make your own. Art decor can be made special and quirky when done by yourself. Many DIY ideas are available online today. One of them is the leaf art decor. All you need is a plain canvas, a huge leaf, and some spray paint. Keep the leaf on the canvas and spray paint the canvas with your choice of colour. Remove the leaf once you are done. You have a simple yet special art decor of your own. 

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2) Frame Wall

Most people find frames to be the easiest way to fill up their walls. Frames can be purchased and one can either place their own photos or get any motivational quote or design that appeals most to them. You can either purchase any ready-made framework online or at your nearest local shop or make some custom frames of your own. 

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3) Paintings

Home decor is one aspect where one can experiment and see what works best for them. Either you can buy some great paintings online or make one yourself. Paintings can be done in various styles and can be placed anywhere. You can place them either on countertops or walls or use them to fill up any empty corner or brighten up a dull space.

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