Pet Care: Basic Health And Care Tips For Keeping Your Birds Healthy


Pet care: Bringing birds at your house must be the most rewarding experience, but are unaware of how to take care of your pet bird, then here are some tips

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Many people admire birds for their bright colours, ability to communicate and their flying skills. Some even get these birds at home for the company. If you have a bird at your house, these are some of the basic pet care tips that will help your bird to stay healthy.

1. Companionship is crucial for birds

If you have brought a single bird, make sure that you get a companion for the bird. Make sure that you don't leave the birds unattended in the beginning, until the two bond together. Take the birds to the vet and regularly monitor their progress.

2. Birds cages and environment

You should get comparatively larger cages for your bird. Your birds will require some space to exercise their wings and room to fly. You can convert your backyard into an aviary so that they don't escape but also don't feel tied down in a cage. Provide your birds with activities like bird-friendly chewing toys. And make sure that your birds get proper rest and sleep.

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3. Diet and treats

Know that only seeds are not enough for your birds. They require a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins. A proper diet that offers a wide combination of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins is the key for your pet care. Feed them with a variety of nuts, fruits and vegetables. Make sure you consult the veterinarian before you feed your bird.

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4. Time to preen

You may have noticed birds spending hours combining their feathers. They do that to keep their feathers moist and in line. There are some birds that like to be misted with water. Just make sure that you keep your bird away from drafts, wait until their feathers dry.

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5. Bird-proofing

If you have planned on for a special room for your bird to fly free, make sure you check it over prior. Eliminate distractions like ceiling fans, electrical wires, pots of water where your bird can get caught. Also, birds have fragile respiratory systems, so make sure that cookwares that emit huge fumes which can prove fatal to your bird are kept away. It is advised not to smoke around birds, as it can harmful for both of you.

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