5 Ways To Win His Heart This Propose Day!


It is the day of love and for love.

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Don’t wait around for him to get down on his knees, go ahead and show him how it's done. It’ll make for a great proposal story this Propose Day. Here are some aesthetic ways to propose a guy. Go on, pick yours! 

Take him back to the place where you first met

Recreate the whole scene! Take him to a place where you first met him or went on a date with him. Nothing about that he can’t and won’t love! Manage to set a candle light dinner at this place and serve him an exotic meal. Food can work wonders especially on Propose Day.

Acknowledge his first love:

No! It's not about the affairs. If your guy is a gamer, you can better understand what this deal is all about. They say, “The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach”. Though it’s true to some extent, if your guy is a video gamer, you can better off to his heart through this simple trick.

Go- Karting with him

Have you ever heard of a small four-wheeled vehicle that comes in all shapes and forms, from motor less models to high-powered racing machines? Yes, the one he once mentioned as a recreational activity on a weekend that you rejected! Go ahead and take him to his go-karting adventure tour. Surprise him, it will be fun. Be a sport and give him a great competition to build a great chemistry.

Go for paintball

Every man has a little boy inside of him that likes to play with guns and go on adventurous hunts. Help him to find his inner child and help him embrace it. And just like every man has a little boy inside him so does every girl. Engage in a mini war with him. Use this time to show him that you can not only be fun and spontaneous, but fierce. This is one of the best ideas for him to unwind and leave all his struggles behind. No doubt you too will love the mess that brings out the colors of this relationship.


Take him shopping

 It's a fact that girls love to shop otherwise nothing haunts them like the things they don't buy. This propose day do things a bit different. Take your guy out for a shopping flee and carry his bags! Give the guy a break and Pamper him just like he does on other 364 days of the year. You will also notice that guys too love shopping and "It's on sale" excites them as much as it excites you.


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