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Relationship Tips: How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend/boyfriend

How to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you know that it's over. Read details to find out the best way to break up according to the psychologists.


In life, many a time people come across a situation where they realise that their relationship with their partner isn't working anymore. Sometimes you are the one who has to break up and sometimes your heart gets broken. In a situation like this, breaking up isn't easy for either of the partner. However, here are some relationship tips you can follow according to the experts. 

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Relationship tips: Be Honest

Tell the truth but don't be rude- In an article posted in a famous news portal, Rachel Sussman, a New York City psychotherapist and author of The Breakup Bible says that if you are the one to break up, then you owe an explanation to your partner to give them a clean break up or else they won't get any closure. Don't use this opportunity to take out all your frustration and anger upon them, else give them a proper reason that they can use for their future relationship.

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Relationship tips: Communicate well

Do it face to face- According to an article in a news portal, Guy Winch, a New York City psychologist and author of How to Fix a Broken Heart, agrees that you need to communicate about what's bothering you to your partner. Don't just text - "I am breaking up" even if it's a long-distance relationship or even when if you have only dated the person once or twice. You still need to communicate and always make sure to address your issues; it's only fair.

Relationship advice - One tip is to break up at their home, not yours so that when you leave they will at least be at a safe place. For times when you are scared about your safety while breaking up, then don't break up at an isolated place.

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Relationship tips: Be respectful

Be sensitive - Don't break up with your partner because you are bored. Don't start dating right before you have decided to break up. It is wrong at so many levels. If you were in a relationship with your partner where you both agreed to be exclusive and monogamous, then dating before breaking up is considered cheating and will be the most hurtful thing that you do.

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Relationship tips for couples: Be considerate

Don't try to be friends with your ex the next day after breaking up - Be considerate of their feelings and let them be the one to contact you after you have broken up, give them that much of space. Be prepared for the possibility that you will never hear from their again. Wait at least three months or till both of you have moved on with your lives before you start to think of being friends with your ex. 

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