This Kind Gesture Of A Mumbai Cab Driver Sets The Social Media Abuzz

Written By Richa Mukherjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • The kind gesture of an Ola cab driver in Mumbai is warming hearts over all
  • Through a series of tweets a fellow passenger narrates how the cab driver returned his lost wallet and what followed

In our daily lives, we meet a lot of people, some faces remain etched on our minds while some are easily forgotten however there are some who take us by surprise and so did this Mumbai’s cab driver.

The simplicity and honesty of an Ola driver in Mumbai has made him the talk of the town. A Post by a user named Papa Sierra set the Twitter abuzz on the night of June 14. In a series of tweets, he described his encounter with the cab driver, Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan and how is his earnestness won his heart.

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The tweet started with him addressing the cab company for whom the driver works stating that he wishes to lodge a complaint against him.

In the following tweets, Sierra narrated how he along with his wife had boarded Pathan’s cab from his residence to visit a pub to celebrate his birthday. He explained how they ended up chatting about Mumbai’s first rain after he eavesdropped Pathaninstructing his wife over a call to not let his kids out while it’s pouring. Eventually, Sierra reached his destination and thanked the driver for his service.

However, almost an hour after getting down from the cab Sierra realised that his wallet was missing. He immediately called to check if the wallet was left in the cab to which the driver answered that it was indeed and that he had kept it safely too.

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However, it was the climax which warmed the heart. Sierra narrated how when he went to take his wallet back, the driver while returning mentioned how it was his birthday too and that his family had been waiting for his arrival to cut the cake.

This revelation and to have witnessed such a kid gesture coming from a stranger touched his heart. Sierra also tweeted an image of Pathan captioned - “good Samaritan”.

He finally concluded the thread with a tweet that reads, “We always come to this platform with our grievances with brands. Let’s spread some of the positive experiences as well. So that in some ways it gets paid forward. Peace!”

The tweet garnered a lot of attention from people who not only praised the cab driver but some even went an extra mile to demand the company to reward him for his good deeds.