International Kite Festival: The Beauty Of The Fun-filled Event Held At Ahmedabad


The kite festival in India is celebrated every year in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with utmost grandeur and pre-preparation. Read on to know more about the festival

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Kite festival

One of the most happening festivals of Ahmedabad is the International Kite Festival that is celebrated every year on January 14. It falls on the same day as the festive occasion of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. The festival that kick-started in 1989, has now become a global phenomenon, bringing professional kite makers and flyers from all over the world to demonstrate their unique skills and woo the crowd with their profession. 

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Uttarayan International Kite Festival usually falls on a bright shining day with clear skies. It is celebrated to observe the end of winter and give a warm welcome to the summer season. It is during this time that Ahmedabad has a different vibe altogether and the entire city is filled up with fun. On the day of the International Kite Festival, people try keeping their work aside and gear up to start cleaning the terraces of their houses for flying kites. Ahmedabad lits up as women get engrossed with the task of preparing special delicacies, and hosting various religious affairs. Here’s all about the auspicious Uttarayan kite festival in India that is celebrated at Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

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The kite festival in India fills up the skies with multi-coloured kites and its beauty is mesmerising. The festival marks the days in the Hindu calendar when winter begins turning to summer, known as Makar Sankranti. Families gather on the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and compete with their neighbours and peers. Many also indulge in competition, as to who flies higher. The main competition is about who succeeds in cutting down the competitor’s strings and bring down their kites. The kites are attached to a spool (or firkin) of Manja, special kite-string coated with a mixture of glue and glass to be as sharp as possible for cutting strings of rival kites.

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 The atmosphere and climate in Ahmedabad during this time is pleasant and amazing. The day also comes along with lip-smacking delicacies like laddu, undhiyu or surti jamun that are prepared for eating over the course of the day. The highly anticipated festival ends with the goodbye fire lanterns and the beauty of the same is just astounding.

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