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Here's Why You Should Plan A Solo Trip

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • It is during the solo trips that you confront several situations that you never had a previous idea of and has o tackle¬†yourself
  • Solo trips definitely¬†give you life lessons

While traveling itself is an amazing experience, solo trips add a cherry to the cake. In a lifetime, one must definitely go for a solo trip as it not only makes you more aware of yourself but also teaches you life lessons. 

Several people refuse traveling alone, as they have the fear of being lost, harmed, duped, etc.but if that limit is not pushed, one can never overcome them. Solo traveling is the most liberating experience one can ever have. 

Here are the main reason's that explains why you should definitely plan a solo trip, 

To meet friends for life

It is during the solo trips that you confront several situations that you never had a previous idea of and has o tackle yourself. This is the time when you meet the people, who are unknown to your world but helps you to come out of several difficult situations. And in the process, you never know, you might find a friend for life.

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To learn the lessons of life

Solo trips definitely give you life lessons. On a trip when you are the only one to decide what to do next, you analyze things better. You observe everything around you carefully and thus gather enough experience to sustain difficult situations. You learn several life hacks that include survival tactics, trusting strangers, and a sense to judge the situation and act accordingly are some of them.

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To help introspect

Solo trips are the most liberating experience one can ever have. It gives you enough time to spend with yourself in peace helping you to understand yourself better. It gives you a free mind to analyze your life and helps you to find answers to several questions that you might have been pondering upon for long.  Traveling alone is a great way to introspect and unwind in the true sense.

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To set yourself free

Solo trips are a dive into the unknown. It gives you the opportunity to explore your limitations and set yourself free. You know that nobody around knows you and are activities are not going to be judged, and even if they are, you don't care! 

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So when are you planning your solo trip?