Indonesia: 5 Things To Do In The Country If You Are An Avid Explorer


Indonesia is well known for its tourism industry and magical history. Read ahead to know what the must-know facts and learnings for an Indonesia tour are.

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Those who wish to travel the world must visit Indonesia at least once. Indonesia is famous for its unique and diverse food, culture, entertainment, etc. Every tourist who visits Indonesia starts to feel comfortable and at home. There are many beautiful things to learn about Indonesia. Here is a list of five things that you must know about Indonesia. Take a look:

Five Indonesian Things That Will Amaze You

Dance Forms

An interesting thing to learn about Indonesia is its unique regional dance. There are many types of dances in the whole country of Indonesia as every region in Indonesia has a different dance type. Examples of regional dance forms in Indonesia include Kecak dance, candle dance, pendet dance, mask dance, and many others. You will be amazed by their beautiful movements and also Indonesia’s diverse culture.

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Traditional Houses

There are a variety of traditional houses in Indonesia. Each region has a different traditional house. These houses are very beautiful and very unique. This is because these traditional houses are made based on the local culture. Such housing traditions will never be found anywhere else, not even in other countries. You can see and can inspire yourself to create interesting custom work for your own home.

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Beautiful Temples

Indonesia is known for its beautiful temples, and there are several types of temple buildings. Attention to detail is paid immensely, so much so that you can properly see each carving done on the walls.  Some of the most famous temples are the Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Mendut temple, and several more scattered in different regions of Indonesia. The uniqueness of these temples has been around for centuries. The buildings are still partially intact and have many cultural mysteries.

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Traditional Food

Your trip to Indonesia will not be complete and ideal if you don’t taste the variety of food available there. You must taste both traditional food and commonly served food in various markets/restaurants in Indonesia. Some famous Indonesian traditional food items like rendang, soto, processed noodles, and more will make you want to have it again and again. In addition, the price of food is also very diverse, ranging from cheap prices to very expensive prices. Just choose where you want to taste the local food, whether on the roadside or in a large restaurant.

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Unique Indonesian Traditional Ceremonies

The next thing you will see only in Indonesia is a traditional ceremony.  In Indonesia, there are many traditional ceremonies that take place, some of which are even quite extreme. Each region in Indonesia has its own traditional ceremony. For example, in Bali, there is a Ngaben ceremony, in Toraja there is a corpse ceremony, in North Sumatra there are Sigale gale dance ceremonies, and many others. So, when visiting Indonesia, make sure to see and be a part of at least one of their traditional ceremonies.

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