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Move Over Kolkata's Tram, Here Are 5 More Interesting Public Commutes From Around The Globe

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • The public commute is a major aspect of travelling.
  • It is not only quick and pocket-friendly but also gives the visitors a taste of the local culture.

The public commute is a major aspect of travelling. For the people who like to travel without spending much money, local transports are the best options. It is not only quick and pocket-friendly but also gives the visitors a taste of the local culture. Interestingly, many places around the globe have their own unique modes of transport. While in some places people commute through waterways, there are some places where people prefer motor vehicles, depending upon the geography of the area. 

Here's a look at some of the interesting public commutes across the world:

  • The Stoosbahn, Switzerland

The Stoosbahn is a cable funicular railway that is active in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. It is a barrel-shaped-carriage that connects the Hintere Schlattli in the municipalities of Muotatal, Morschach, and Schwyz with the village and mountain resort of Stoos, above Morschach. It is one of the steepest funicular railways in the world as it overcomes a height difference of 744 metres.

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  • Toboggan, Madeira, Portugal

Toboggans are man-driven two-seater sledges that run in Portugal. It is driven by two men whose rubber boots work like brakes. This very old transport was introduced in 1850 and is active since then. It runs from Monte to Funchal in Madeira and covers a distance of 2.4 km in a go. It is also a very popular tourist attraction.

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  • Water taxi, Venice, Italy

Water Taxi, commonly known as taxi acqueo or motoscafi in Venice, are steamer boats that serve as a taxi. They have a capacity to transport 10 people at a time and mainly transport passengers from Marco Polo Airport to Venice City. It is a convenient mode of transport in the area.

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  • Cocotaxi, Cuba

The Cuban public transport service, Coco taxi is an auto rickshaw-type vehicle that resembles the shape of half coconut. It was introduced in Havana by the end of the '90s, but now they are found in the cities of Havana, Varadero and Trinidad.

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  • Tram, Kolkata, India

Kolkata's Tram is popular across the globe. Like every other monument in the city, Tram also has its historical significance in the state. It has the oldest operating electric tram system in Asia and the only one city in the country that has the operational network. The first tram operated in 1902 between Esplanade and Kidderpore.

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  • Bamboo train or norry, Cambodia

A norry or nori is an improvised rail vehicle that operates in Cambodia. Described as 'Cambodia's bamboo train', the vehicle comprises of a small motor and a bamboo platform on wheels. It runs at speeds of up to 50 km/h on the metre gauge tracks around Battambang and Poipet. A scheduled service run by the Government also operates but is slower at 30 km/h.

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