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Queer Eye's 'Yass Queen' Has Helped To Boost Tourism And Shatter Social Borders In Yass, Australia

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Yass queen!!: Queer eye's Fab Five's iconic catchphrase has helped rake in tourism for Yass, Australia
  • Yass is a small farming town in New South Wales, Australia
  • The Fab Five's visit has also helped in creating a safer place for the queer community

Queer Eye, an American Netflix original series has helped in boosting tourism and shattering social borders in a little Aussie farming town, Yass near New South Wales.
The reason- the show's iconic catchphrase: YAAS QUEEN!!

'Yaas queen' is a popular urban expression within the LGBTQI community to fashionably express their enthusiasm and approval to someone/something they love.
The town of Yass gained popularity when the Queer Eye's team of Fab Five shot an episode there in 2018. Netflix and Queer Eye's twitter handle had posted their visit to Yass in June 2018:

Since Queer Eye's approval of the town, businesses have generated higher revenue attracting more people to visit and giving the LGBTQ community the confidence to be true to their inborn nature. Yass' tourism has gained a lot of traction on Youtube, garnering a whopping 1 million + hits and over 500,000 Instagram hits which has given them free advertising.

The local council at Yass has promoted the Yass Tourism on social media platforms tapping into their town's connection with the LGBTQI community. It has also arranged a tour to attract Queer Eye fans called the 'Queer-eye-tinerary' online, allowing people around the world to follow the steps of the Fab-Five.

Fab-five fans all around the world have been tweeting about Yass Australia ever since their visit down under:

Geo-tagging of Yass by tourists has helped push its popularity. Social researchers have found that the town's discovery and sudden fame has helped in creating a safer place for the town's queer community and also setting an example to rural Australia to be more open towards the LGBTQI community.