Tbilisi: Things To Do And Places To Visit In The Capital City Of Georgia


Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia, which is famous for its churches and rich heritage. Take a look at things to do and places to visit in the stunning city

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Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia, which has grabbed the attention of several travellers due to its rich culture. The city is popular for its heritage and artistic vibe. From churches to stunning houses with architectural brilliance, the city is nothing less than the epitome of beauty. The city also takes you through the era wherein the Persians and Russians ruled the nation. Among countless places to go and things to do in Tbilisi, take a look at few-

Witness the beauty of ‘The Mother Georgia statue

A popular tourist destination in Tbilisi is the humungous ‘The Mother Georgia statue’. Another name of the statue is Kartlis Deda, which is located on a hill. The importance of this statue is that it embarks the destruction of the Soviet Union and the very emergence of Georgia as a nation. In order to reach the statue located at such a height one needs to take a cable car ride.

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Explore the old town and relish the local cuisine

In terms of space, Tbilisi is the largest city of Georgia, but it is quite densely populated. The old town of Tbilisi has a picturesque view with an array of architecturally interesting houses and alleys. There’s an array of food shops serving local cuisines and guesthouses as well. As a traveller, one must stay in the old town to enjoy the rich cultural vibe of the capital city.

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Enjoy the top-view from Mtatsminda Park

If you are someone who likes heights and enjoys the thrill of being on height, then the Mtatsminda Park must be on the top of your itinerary. The place is a famous tourist destination with a number of bars and restaurants, with a captivating view of the Paris Wheel. Paris Wheel is the topmost point of the city of Tbilisi. Within the Mtatsminda Park is an amusement park with some cool rides for both kids and adults.

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Try the famous Sulphur Bath

Tbilisi is very famous for its Sulphur Baths, where you can relax and soothe your soul for a few hours. The Sulphur Bath helps you to rejuvenate your senses and feel relaxed. It is during the winters, the Sulphur Bath in Abanotubani district rise in the number of tourists.

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Don't forget to visit the Trinity Church

There’s absolutely no dearth of churches in Tbilisi city. However, the one which you’ll always find crowded is the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church. The holy church is also called 'Sameba' by the local citizens of Tbilisi. It is also the worlds third-largest orthodox cathedral church.


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