Tokyo: Where To Go, What To See, & How To Move Around Japan's Capital


Everyone has their own reasons to travel ideal holiday destinations, and Tokyo is one of them.

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Tokyo, the capital of Japan is known to be one of the busiest city but it is also a city that most people want to visit. While there may be many people who want to travel to beachy destinations and enjoy the sun, there are people who want to travel to hilly regions and enjoy their cup of coffee. Everyone has their own ideal holiday destination, but in all this, there is one city that lives up to everyone's expectation is Tokyo. Before you plan your trip to Tokyo, here is everything you need to know about the city including, the best places, restaurants.

How to get there?

It is advised that you book your tickets at four to five months in advance. Tokyo, a beautiful city in Japan is located in the farther East of the continent. One of the most crucial things to need to keep in mind is that location of your landing. Tokyo has two airports, one Narita International Airport and other Haneda Airport. Tokyo is located approximately 9 hours from India. You can opt to directly go to Tokyo or take a halt in Hing-Kong.

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Local Transportation

Travelling the city of Tokyo by cab can leave your pockets empty. So, it is advised that you take the city bus service or convenient trains. To travel by these local buses and trains, you can take pass-cards. Subways are a better option than buses.

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The food in Japan may not the tastiest but it is definitely one of the healthiest food to try. Washoku is one of the most delicious traditional cuisines of Japan. It is cooked out of rice. There are other cuisines like Sashimi, Nikujaga, and Oden you must try.

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Places to See

There are various monuments and unearthly sceneries in Tokyo, Japan. When you travel to Japan, make sure to pay a visit to places like The Imperial Palace, Ginza District, Tokyo National Museum, The National Art Centre, The Meji Shrine, The Tokyo Skytree. The memories of these places will leave a footprint in your mind forever. 

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