Travel: Basic Words To Know If You Are Planning A Trip To Spain


Travel, a trip to Spain can be something really special and memorable. However moving around the city can be a challenge, hence here are a few words to help you

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Travelling to Spain is a dream come true moment for many. The country is rich in culture and has ample of fun things to do. It is one of the prime locations in Europe and has a reputation for being incredibly popular among tourists. However, finding your place among locals can be quiet a hectic task. Here is a list of few words that will help you in your travel around Spain.

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Basic words to know if you are planning a trip to Spain


One of the most common ways to greet a local is by saying ‘¡Hola!’ meaning hello. Furthermore, you can continue the greeting by asking how they are. However, for asking a stranger you will say, '¿Cómo está?’. While addressing someone you already know say ‘¿Cómo estás?’.  If someone happens to ask you this you can politely reply by saying ‘Bien, gracias’ which means I’m fine thank you.  


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Common Courtesy

While asking someone for a favour or just something casual always say, ‘Por favor’ meaning, please. After your work is done or if you just want to show gratitude, say ‘Gracias’ which means Thank you. While at a restaurant, start about by saying ‘Yo quiero un menu’ which means I want a menu. If you ever have to speak to a local, while searching for transportation say, ‘Yo quiero un taxi’ meaning I want a taxi. For a politer tone start by saying ‘Quisiera’ which means I would like to.


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For basic instructions on an everyday basis, phrases like ‘¿Dónde está el baño?’ meaning where is the bathroom or ‘¿Dónde está el banco?’ for asking where is the bank. For asking a more detailed directional question start by saying, ‘¿Dónde está la calle? de Alcalá?’ which means where is Alcalá street, you can add your location at the end of the question.


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