Crucial Etiquettes To Master Before You Make That Trip To Japan


Travel to Japan can be interesting and filled with marvels from the culturally rich city. Here are a few cultural differences that you would notice in Japan

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Japan is a place that is rich in its cultural heritage and is full of traditions. Japan is a place where technology thrives and it is almost impossible to not marvel at its beautiful cities. Japan is well known for its decent mannerism and discipline. Here is a list of a few things that you need to know while you’re travelling to Japan.

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Cultural differences to know before you go to Japan

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In Japan, people bow down to show respect. This form of greeting has been ingrained in children since they are in school. As a tourist, a simple head bow would be sufficient.  The bow needs to hold; until the person you are addressing lifts up.


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There is a strict no tips policy in all of Japan's restaurants and bars. Besides that, cabs, and personal care services also wouldn’t accept any tips. It is insulting to the Japanese people if you offer them tips.  


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When visiting a house in Japan always take off your shoes at the entrance of the home. Usually, you will be provided with a rack for you to keep your footwear. The Japanese have a separate pair of slippers for the house and for the bathroom. Never mix the two slippers as it is considered insulting.


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Table Etiquettes

At a dinner table, do not drink directly once you are seated; someone will raise a toast after which you can drink. Wash your hands with a wet cloth before eating, this cloth will be provided to you. However, do not use this cloth to wipe your face, it is strictly used for hand only. Slurping while having noodles is not frowned upon and actually seen as a polite gesture, depicting that you are enjoying the meal.


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