Travel In India: How To Be A Good Companion While Staying In A Hostel?


Take a look at some hostel etiquettes one should keep in mind while staying in dorms during travelling. Read on to know

Written By Sahil Mirani | Mumbai | Updated On:
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India is known for its diverse culture and the country gets a lot of travellers from all over the globe. It has got a lot of amazing destinations to backpack through. But there are some pointers to keep in mind while planning your stay. Choosing a great location for your stay with a great view is a must so that you completely enjoy your stay. However, getting a pocket-friendly stay might be difficult. One can choose to stay in hostel dormitories that allot bunk beds to the travellers in a large common room. While staying there, you should keep in mind that other people are staying there too and you need to be a good roomie. Here are some hostel etiquettes one should keep in mind while staying in these common rooms. 

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How to stay in a hostel?

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  • A good hostel roommate will not start making noise after coming back late in the night. One should always make sure not to disturb others late in the night. Switching on lights, making unnecessary noises, and talking loudly is a big no-no while staying in a hostel. 

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  • Do not overuse the hostel amenities. They are meant for everyone staying there and one should think about others while using the amenities. Using the hostel computer for a long time should not be done if other people are waiting in line to do the same. Using the bathroom for a long time and using up all the hot water are some examples one should not do while staying in a hostel. 

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  • As the hostels have common areas, one should not keep the belongings scattered in the room. Keeping everything arranged is a great habit and should be kept in mind while staying in dorms. All of your belongings should be locked up in your locker. Throw out your trash. Keep your stuff only on your bed. And don’t leave things in common areas.

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