Travel Tips: 10 Things First-time Travellers Tend To Forget


When you are planning your first solo trip, it's important to know some travel tips when it comes to having a checklist of things that are must to carry!

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Experiencing a solo trip remains a dream for many teenagers and adults. Its excitement goes to a whole new level when a person is on verge of getting set for the trip, much like the night before a school picnic. However, it is essential that this excitement doesn't come in the way of taking along all essentials. Here is the list of the 10 basic things that all first time travellers tend to forget. 

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The List

1. Charger

Most people require their smartphones during a vacation to keep in contact with either friends, family or colleagues. Yet many first time travellers forget their chargers at home and regret about it later.

2. Portable power bank  

Much like the charger, a portable power bank is essential in order to recover their smartphone's battery levels on the go.

3. Earphones  

In the excitement of going for a solo trip, the first time traveller can also easily ditch their earphones. These are handy to listen to songs or even to talk on the phone for example.

4. Skin and hair care products  

Your skin and hair need special attention for every occasion which includes travelling. Sometimes it is possible that the products you use on a daily basis are not available at the place you are travelling to. 

5. Snacks

The fun thing about travelling by railway or road is that you get the time to eat a lot. There are chances of midnight cravings as well. As a result, having a good amount of snacks is essential depending on the duration of your trip.

6. Toothbrush

Forgetting a toothbrush happens with many first time travellers as much as brushing at least once a day is an essential part of most people's daily routine!

7. Basic First Aid

Anything can happen anytime. In the case of people injuring themselves on the trip or suffering from stomach problems, for example, having basic medicines or a first aid kit is essential. 

8. Footwear and clothes

It is important to carry footwear and clothes according to the climate of the place. Travellers must read about the climate of the place and pack their clothes and footwear accordingly.

9. A diary and a pen

Some people like to write about their travels and keep a diary and a pen handy. Keeping note of your journey can make it more memorable much like photographs.

10. Camera

To capture the beauty of a new place, first-time travellers tend to forget their cameras as well.

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