VIRAL: Buffalo Gets Stuck In A Two-way Battle On Land And Water, Fights Pride Of Lions And Crocodile

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • The blood-curdling wildlife drama was caught on camera by a tourist who then shared the video on social media.

Emerging as one of the most idiosyncratic incidences ever witnessed from the world of the wild, in Kruger National Park, a massive buffalo was stuck in a tight life-or-death situation between two predators. 

Thrusted into a two-way battle on land and water, a massive buffalo was found in a situation where he was finding a way to save his life from a pride of lions on land and a crocodile in the water, with nowhere to go but fight. 

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The blood-curdling wildlife drama was caught on camera by a tourist who then shared the video on social media that soon became viral

At first, the lone buffalo at the edge of the water body becomes a target for the pride of lions who then escapes the attack by entering the water. However, as he goes deeper in the water, the beast lands up into the jaws of the crocodile, but manages to find his way out from there. 

As in the video, the buffalo could be seen coming back to the land, wherein he is yet again the center of attention for the pride of the big cats. But in a happy ending to the story, the helpless buffalo after fighting for his life gets help from a massive herd of muscular buffalos who manage to chase the big cats away. 

You can watch the video here

This is not the first time that people around Kruger National Park have witnessed an extraordinary site and the wildlife here has never failed to amuse. A video surfaced last year on Twitter where pride of lion hunted an African buffalo, tore the prey apart on the road, fed on it and then one of the lions came to rest against the cars waiting to watch the episode. 

An African buffalo or a Cape buffalo is the largest subspecies found in Southern and East Africa. An adult could weigh an average of 590 kilos. 

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