"We've Suffered Enough", Says Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Hailing Triple Talaq Ordinance As The Wisest Solution And A Big Win For Muslim Women. Read Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

"Excellent, super and a 'big win' situation for Muslim women" is how Islamic studies professor Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali has responded to the Modi government taking the ordinance route to make Triple Talaq a punishable offence. Speaking to Republic World, Dr Ali said that this is something that should have happened 70 years ago, and has thanked the government for what she holds is "going to be a big win for Muslim women."

"I want to know what the ordinance contains", she said, adding that she had been supporting the bill, which she endorsed as a positive move.

Opining on the ordinance route specifically, Dr Ali said, "This was the wisest solution" and went on to talk about how Triple Talaq affected everything -- rights, children and dignity. Concluding that "We've suffered enough", Dr Ali said that she looked forward to the bill's implementation.  

On being asked about the Congress' stand, that properties of the man who gives Triple Talaq should be attacked rather than him being sent to jail as the bill proposes, Dr Ali said, "Both have to be done -- property attached till he's sent to jail. The punishment will act as a deterrent". She added, however, that the jail period should be 1 year, not 3, and that the government needs to look after the woman.

"Both are essential -- jail and property --  as the latter will give a strong pinch to the pocket", adding that Jail is especially essential in cases where violence is used.

Speaking about how Triple Talaq should have been outlawed a long time ago, Dr Ali delved into history, and raised how a long time ago, the second caliph had also issued an 'ordinance' outlawing the practice, decreeing that anyone giving Triple Talaq should get 80 whips -- something that has passed down through the years and lent itself to the extant laws in Bangladesh.