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Therefore the resounding victory of the Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the 2019 elections means many things, but, above all, it means this.

Written By Chitra Subramaniam | Mumbai | Updated On:

Therefore. Yes.

Therefore the resounding victory of the Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the 2019 elections means many things, but, above all, it means this. Loser politicians and your marching bands – don’t project your aspirations on to the voter because the voter is also an aspirant who is more powerful than you, the politician. This is the “therefore” slap that our country has just delivered to all politicians who took us for granted for decades and trampled on our hopes and aspirations.

Therefore, those who have lost please stop saying you will continue to fight for a secular India because India is a secular country and with today’s vote has just buried politics of polarisation so deep that anyone who tries to dig up the muck will be slapped at the polls again and again. To the polarisers and defenders of India’s “secularism” I say this – find a cause that is really worthy of India and Indians.

Therefore, stop whining, losers and the lost, the leaderless and the rudderless. Start earning your bread with an honest day’s work like millions of people in the world’s largest democracy are doing as they aspire for a better life. This message is especially directed at the Gandhi family that has “ruled” over us as if they were our destiny. They will not recover from this hiding if they don’t mend their ways. The only ruler in a democracy is its people.

Therefore, look at the destruction the Gandhi family have wreaked on its own party. Today they are not even capable of finding anyone to pin the blame on for the drubbing they have got. Any other political party in the world would have been mortified and hung its head in shame. Let us hope for the best for them. This is India’s beauty. Whatever be our religious beliefs and practices, we are a forgiving people – it is a dharmic nation. The path of true Dharma is religion – free. Think about it. That is our strength.

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Pushing to convert that into our nation’s weakness has proved to be a Himalayan blunder for the secularati and dynasts who never let go of their goodies while telling others to stand in line for generations.

Bankrupt leaders who tried to convert our strengths – accommodation, forgiveness, welcoming attitudes, understanding and empathy – to mean our weaknesses have been shown the door. Anyone who tries to come in through the keyhole will be called out by India. Don’t mess with the country.

We have work to do India. We have to hold together to continue to prune out the rotten and the depraved. We have to stand together and pull in the same direction on all issues ranging from but not limited to national security, economic development, foreign policy, public health and job creation. Over the next few years, India must put down roots as the democratic world’s largest free market through the GST. We have to push the new government to develop consensual positions on policy issues that affect all of us.

The time to divide us so that a handful of politicians can stay united in their cocoon of entitlement and inheritance is gone. The kind of change that Modi has just enabled is so massive, it will take a decade if not more for other political parties to recover from if they continue along the beaten track. This message is also directed at pundits who said the NDA is a north Indian party. They must be eating their words today with the results in West Bengal, Telengana and Karnataka, which show that underestimating India’s ambition is to run foul of 1.3 billion people. Leaders in Tamil Nadu must be feeling the heat.

In my recent columns I have been writing about faith. Bhakti or faith in oneself, faith in one’s work, faith in one’s religion, faith in relationships and faith in our country. Today is the victory of faith over decay. It is the victory of justice over the injustice that millions of Indians have been subjected to for generations. It is the victory of India for Indians. We have claimed the right to be who we are without being told who we should be. India has voted for Indians. Over to us, dear friends to occupy our space with grace, dignity and a commitment to work towards a country we want to see flourish, thrive, grow and compete with the best in the world. We can do it. Keep the faith.

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