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Chandrayaan-3 Lands Successfully | ISRO Mission Control Centre Fills With Celebrations

In the concluding minutes, the scientists at the control room with their bright smiles and cheerful faces indicated that all was going smoothly.

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Isha Bhandari
Chandrayaan-3 lands successfully | ISRO Mission Control Centre fills with celebrations

Credit: ANI

Sounds of excitement and jubilation filled the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) control room in Bengaluru after Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander successfully made a soft-landing on the Moon’s South Pole. 

The palpable tension that gripped the scientists and engineers in the ISRO control room gave way to excitement at 6:04pm on August 23, the exact time when the team successfully landed its Vikram lander on Earth's only natural satellite. 

In the concluding minutes of the landing, the scientists at the control room with their bright smiles and cheerful faces indicated that all was going smoothly. As the lander did a successful touchdown, the Moon mission control room was filled with claps and cheer. The faces of the scientists were lit up with joy as their patience and perseverance paid off, making India one among the only four nations that have made soft-landings on the Moon. 

ISRO Moon mission control centre filled with chants of 'Vande Mataram' and celebrations. 

Prime Minister’s bright eyes and Indian flag waive 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face flashed on the screen as he virtually joined the ISRO control room from South Africa. Prime Minister Modi could be seen smiling and later waiving the Indian flag, as India scripted history with Chandrayaan-3's successful soft-landing. 

Immediately after the success of Chandrayaan-3, PM Modi addressed the nation and said, "Kabhi kaha jata tha chanda mama bahut door ke hain, ab ek din wo bhi ayega jab bacche kaha karenge chanda mama bass ek tour ke hain.”

Whole nation watches India’s tryst with history 

Not just the ISRO scientists and Prime Minister Modi but the whole nation was watching India’s tryst with history. 

Indians all around the world took to social media to express the very historic feat. 

A user wrote, "History tells us..... That a Powerful people comes from Powerful Places, History Was Wrong.... Powerful people make places Powerful, INDIA Becomes The FIRST Nation To Land On The SOUTH POLAR REGION of the moon, Proud moment for every INDIAN."

"A significant historical achievement for India as it becomes the first nation to successfully execute a soft lunar landing at the Moon's South Pole. A moment of pride for every Indian. JAI HIND," commented another user. 

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