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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr's Shorts From 1997 NBA Finals Vs Jazz Up For Auction

Last June, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr's game-worn shorts from the 1997 NBA Finals Game 6 against Utah Jazz were auctioned off.


Last year, various basketball memorabilia were sold or auctioned off. Valuable items were sold for thousands, people wanting to have one item owned or worn by their NBA icons. Last year, various items were put on sale, some gaining popularity after The Last Dance was released. And the Steve Kerr 1997 vs Jazz memorabilia has made headlines this time.

Steve Kerr shorts auction: The game-worn Steve Kerr 1997 vs Jazz shorts were auctioned off for thousands

During the 1997 NBA Finals Game 6 between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, Steve Kerr's go-ahead shot helped the team win their fifth title. The shorts Kerr wore during the game were auctioned off last June by Lelands. At first, the shorts were confirmed to have been worn during Game 6, the autograph being authenticated later. 

The Bulls vs Jazz NBA Final 1997 was shown in The Last Dance with Kerr's shot being highlighted as well. While on the Runnin' Plays podcast, the Golden State Warriors head coach spoke about the moment, speaking of how it was a normal shot under other normal circumstances. 

"But one of those things you dream of as a kid, and so when the ball went in, there were two thoughts. No. 1, it's like, 'Oh my god, this is incredible.' And No. 2, 'Oh man, they got four seconds left and they could still tie or win the game. So, it's not over yet'". He further added that it was an amazing moment for him as a player, and he was glad to have been able to 'feel that thrill'. 

The Steve Kerr shorts auction was sealed for $6,216. As per the Lelands website, a total of 14 bids were placed on the item. Later, Lelands added a note saying that the signature on the pants was not authenticated. The bid started at $1500. 

Bulls vs Jazz NBA Final 1997 Game 6

With Game 6 tied, Michael Jordan had already spoken to Steve Kerr, warning about the Utah Jazz defence. The game was tied at 86, the Jazz double-teamed Jordan, leaving Kerr open to shoot the jumper. The shot made it in, and the Bulls had their 88-86 lead. The team held on to it for the rest of the game, holding on till their 90-86 win. 

How many NBA championships did Steve Kerr win?

As a player, Kerr had won five NBA titles – three with the Chicago Bulls, and two with the San Antonio Spurs. Now, as the Warriors coach, Kerr has won three titles. 

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