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Why Did Doug Collins Leave The Bulls? Former NBA Coach's Career & Bond With Michael Jordan

Why did Doug Collins leave the Bulls? Find out why the highly-rated Chicago Bulls coach was allowed to leave by former GM Jerry Krause in 1989.

why did doug collins leave the bulls

Michael Jordan shared a good relationship with former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins. Doug Collins coaching career involves taking charge of Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Doug Collins, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers during his NBA career, has not won a single NBA championship as manager of a major franchise. However, he was the NBA All-Star game coach in the 1997-98 season. Here's a short excerpt reviewing the reason behind why did Doug Collins leave the Bulls and more information about Doug Collins coaching career.

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Doug Collins coaching career

Former Bulls coach talks about relationship with Michael Jordan

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Why did Doug Collins leave the Bulls? Why did Bulls fire Doug Collins? 

Doug Collins spent three years as coach of Chicago Bulls before leaving the franchise in 1989. As seen in The Last Dance, Doug Collins had a shared a very strong bond with Bulls' poster-boy Michael Jordan. The team's entire gameplan was dependent on Michael Jordan.

Assistant coaches Phil Jackson and Tex Winter were not allowed to give their input to Doug Collins. Winter was even banished to the bench during the 1989 season after he questioned Doug Collins' tactics surrounding Michael Jordan. However, Bulls GM Jerry Krause along with owner Jerry Reinsdorf begun having their doubts surrounding Doug Collins that year itself. Krause started preparing Phil Jackson to take over even before the season was over as he had already made up his mind to let Doug go despite his popularity among the Bulls faithful. 

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Doug Collins coaching career

Doug Collin Championships

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The Doug Collins Championships count is zero as the veteran coach has not won a single NBA title as a coach in the league. After departing Bulls, Doug Collins took up the coaching job at Detroit Pistons between 1995-98. He re-united with protege Michael Jordan in 2001 while coaching the Washington Wizards where he remained for two seasons. He took a seven-year sabbatical after that and returned as coach of Philadelphia 76ers in 2010. Collins resigned as 76ers coach on in April 2013, as he wanted to spend more time with his five grandchildren.

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