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VIRAL: David Beckham's 'horrified Look' After James Corden Pranks Him With An 'ugly Statue'

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

The football star David Beckham recently earned himself a brand new statue at LA Galaxy’s stadium, which gave mischievous James Corden the perfect opportunity to have some fun. David Beckham was left horrified after James Corden played a hilarious prank on him during an episode of The Late Late Show.

Replacing the statue for a copy that looked absolutely nothing like him – complete with a bizarre chin – 43-year-old David was filmed seeing it for the first time. As the curtain dropped on the unflattering model, David’s face was a picture as he stared blankly and began to clap unenthusiastically.

Behind the scenes, The Late Late Show host was in hysterics as he watched his friend surveying the statue with a massive behind and a shocked looking face.

The video of the same went viral. Take a look:

‘It’s slightly different than it was when I saw it in Chicago,’ the polite star said while James burst into laughter from behind the scenes.Luckily, the football legend took it in his stride and burst into laughter when James ran out to expose the prank. 

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Meanwhile the real model created in David’s honour was revealed outside the Dignity Health Sports Park in California at the beginning of the month which was slightly less scary.