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VIRAL: Here's What Happened When Three Professional Football Players Took On 100 School Kids

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What happens when three professional football players take on 100 school kids on a full-sized football pitch? Fun Goal! That's exactly what happened when three J-League stars played against 100 kids lining up in a 30-30-30-10 formation in Japan.

Japanese internationals Hotaru Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Kiyotake and Yosuke Ideguchi teamed up to play against 100 kids in a traditional Japanese New Year's match. The three J-League stars can be seen dribbling and sending out long passes in order to get to the other half of the pitch.

In the video that has gone viral, the kids can be spotted desperately running towards the professionals in order to gain possession. Despite their best efforts, the kids can be seen struggling to retain possession at the rarest of occasions in which they come up with a tackle. At the other end, 10 goalkeepers, dressed in black jerseys, are standing between the sticks. A few can be even seen shouting out instructions to the 30-member defence unit. 

At the end, the professional footballers manages to put pressure on the kids' defence and finally score the opening goal with you-guessed-that-right -- a header. Yosuke Ideguchi meets a cross inside the box, crowded by the kids, and heads it past the goalkeeper(s).

Take a look:

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While the players go on to celebrate, some of the kids can be seen falling to their knees in disappointment.

Throughout the match, the professional can be seen trying hard to not hit the ball too hard while the kids run around with a lot of enthusiasm in a bid to achieve the ultimate result - beat the three superstars.