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Batista Gives A Savage Reply To Troll Who Mocked His Famous Chant

Written By Karthik Nair | Mumbai | Published:


  • Batista was given a new name 'Bluetista' during WWE Payack in 2014 due to him wearing a blue gear on that night
  • Former NXT announcer Alex Del Barrio made a sarcastic apology
  • Batista gave him a savage reply and reminded him what everyone failed to see during that contest

Batista has been one of the most sought after superstars in WWE. The megastar that he is, along with John Cena, he held Smackdown's World Heavyweight Championship title in 2005. Both the world champions Batista, as well as Cena, had a huge fan following back in their heydays. Dave Batista had quit WWE back in 2010. The Animal as he is referred to in the wrestling circles, made a comeback at the 2014 Royal Rumble where he defeated Daniel Bryan and won his second Rumble after 2005. Sadly, the crowd that had erupted on his return then booed him for beating their hero. Nonetheless, Batista's return did not last long as he parted ways with the WWE after a couple of months and his association as a full-time wrestler with the company came to an end. However, during his short association with WWE in his second stint, he was a part of an unusual incident. 

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When Batista earned a new name

Batista had a short but eventful come back to the WWE. While he might not have held any titles, he definitely had the privilege to once again be a part of arguably the industry's best stable 'Evolution' which was a blockbuster during the 'Ruthless Aggression Era'. At WWE Payback in June 2014, he teamed up with Triple H and Randy Orton to take on The Shield which included Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. During that event, the former six-time world champion had worn a blue gear for the contest. and according to sources it had prompted "Bluetista" to trend on Twitter.

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Fan apologises to 'The Animal' but...

A wrestling fan apologised to 'The Animal' for having booed him in some of his other wrestling events and called him an awesome human being to which the ex-World Heavyweight Champion replied that he had accepted the apology. 

Read the entire conversation here:

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However, things took a u-turn when former NXT announcer Alex Del Barrio made a sarcastic apology. Taking to the micro-blogging site, Del Barrio apologises and then wrote that it was not for the Blue-tista chant which was funny. This did not go down well with Batista. However, the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' star in no ways burst out at the announcer for his statement and instead told him that six guys had put their health on the line in a violent match and three guys had used their success to make three newer guys bigger stars. Batista then mentioned that it was hysterical of people to remember him wearing blue and start the Bluetista chant. 

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