Chris Jericho: 5 Major Challengers For The AEW Championship Title

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Chris Jericho has been the ultimate AEW world champion after having defended his title successfully so far. Let's take a look at 5 people who can challenge him.

Written By Akhil Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been the ultimate AEW world champion after having defended his title successfully so far. He defeated Darby Allin at Dynamite and then retained it again when Cody Rhodes challenged it at Full Gear. With AEW’s crude ranking system, it is difficult to predict who will get a shot at the AEW World Championship. But there are some wrestlers who (thanks to their excellent record) are worthy of challenging Jericho for the title. Here are five likely candidates worthy of the title.

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5 challengers for AEW championship title


The brusque superstar is quite impressive and successful in almost all of his ventures. He has travelled the world extensively and scored four wins. Of these wins, two were against Adam Page – who played the match which decided the first-ever AEW champion. Interestingly, all of PAC’s gains have come in singles competition. It is unlikely that he would align himself with anybody in the near future. PAC doesn’t play well in a team. His impressive victories against Kenny Omega and Page may well earn him an opportunity to win the AEW championship.

Adam Page

Adam Page was moments away from becoming the AEW champion. Maybe, fate will give him another chance at the title. He has been an impressive performer and is one of the four wrestlers in the AEW universe with four singles wins. The other three are PAC, Darby Allin and Jericho himself. Page has been performing consistently, and the fans would undoubtedly love to see him go up against Jericho.

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Matt Jackson

Matt could be one of the contenders. Though he has no singles win under his belt, he has an impressive 7-4 win-loss record. He is also known for his high-flying antics and showmanship. He could turn out to be a great underdog for a babyface storyline. Though it is unlikely that he would win against Jericho, it could be used to build another storyline between Jericho and Omega – with the AEW champion showcasing that he can take on all of Omega’s friends/allies. He has already defeated Kenny and Cody. There is no reason why Jericho cannot add Matt to this list.

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Scorpio Sky

He is the only star in the AEW universe who has more wins than AEW champion Chris Jericho. He is also the wrestler who handed Jericho his first loss in AEW last week in a tag team match. That alone should earn him a chance to take a shot at the championship. Also, Jericho recently got a shot at Scorpio’s World Tag team title. So, it’s only fair for Scorpio to be able to stake a claim for Jericho’s title.

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Dustin Rhodes

Dustin, with his two wins and three losses, would be an exciting choice to battle Jericho for the AEW championship. The reason being that some decisions need to go beyond the win and loss record. It would only be poetic if Dustin, who is recovering from a broken arm, goes after Jericho’s title since the latter and his buddies inflicted the injury on him.

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