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EXCLUSIVE | 'Feels Amazing': Praggnanandhaa's First Reaction After Chess WC As Tendulkar Messages Him

R Praggnanandhaa has a humble response to the sea of supporters he had throughout the FIDE Chess World Cup, where he went against Magnus Carlsen in the Finals.

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Pavitra Shome
R Praggnanandhaa

R Praggnanandhaa speaks to the media; Image: X/@FIDE_chess

The nation is buzzing over R Praggnanandhaa after he went head-to-head against Magnus Carlsen in the FIDE Chess World Cup Final. While Carlsen got the edge over him, Pragg did not back down from giving tough competition to him. The 18-year-old Grand Master became a sensation with his run in the competition as he made his way into the final. Despite his defeat, he emerged as a star among the people. After his match, Praggnanandhaa opens up about the sea of love he has received so far.

3 things you need to know

  • Praggnanandhaa defeated Fabiano Caruana to advance to the final
  • In the final, he faced Magnus Carlsen
  • Carlsen was crowned Champion tonight after overcoming Pragg in the tiebreaker

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R Praggnanandhaa opens up over the nation's admiration 

In an exclusive interaction with Republic TV, Praggnanandhaa spoke out on the people's reverence that he has received throughout the competition. Pragg admitted that he 'feels amazing,' and has a good feeling over the admiration he has received so far. 

Pragg said, 'It feels really good. I am happy to see people cheering for me. My family has been a huge support for me. I am also thankful to my sponsors, my school and also to all my fans. I am glad!'

Praggnanandhaa's course in the Final against Carlsen 

Praggnanandhaa’s dream run in the tournament ended at the hands of the world No. 1 after the classical games ended in a stalemate and required a tie-breaker to identify the winner.

The second 25+10 tie-break game ended in a draw in 22 moves as Carlsen played it safe after he had won the first one in Rapid, displaying his superior end-game skills.

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After a keenly contested first game, the second game was a rather tame affair with Praggnanandhaa falling behind quickly and agreeing to a draw, which meant that Blitz was not required. 

Pragg brought the best out of Magnus Carlsen and made a strong run in the competition. He has remained a favourite among the fans, and there were moments when it looked like the young grandmaster would sweep it all. But the Norwegian picked a  massive rebound to sweep it all.

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