UFC: Jorge Masvidal Considers Himself '10 Times Stronger' Than Boxer Canelo Alvarez

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After beating Nate Diaz, Masvidal has revealed that he wants to defeat a boxer after former UFC Champion Conor McGregor was not able to defeat Floyd Mayweather.

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After defeating Darren Till via knockout, Jorge Masvidal kick-started his remarkable year. After that, Masvidal went on to defeat Ben Askren at UFC 239 by a record-breaking knockout. He ended his excellent run this year, by defeating Nate Diaz a few weeks ago and becoming the BMF (Baddest MF) champion at UFC 244. According to many, the UFC welterweight fighter is on his course to win the Fighter of the Year honours in MMA.

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After beating Nate Diaz, Masvidal has revealed that he wants to defeat a boxer after former UFC Champion Conor McGregor was not able to defeat boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in 2017. While talking to ESPN, Masvidal revealed that he wants to fight boxer Canelo Alvarez, "If Canelo wants his ass kicked, that's a fight I'll take." A few weeks ago in an interview, Masvidal slammed the Four-Weight World Champion and said that "I could put his ass to sleep, man, I definitely feel that." He also revealed that he is a naturally bigger man than Canelo Alvarez.

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Jorge Masvidal claimed that he is 10 times stronger than Canelo Alvarez as an MMA player trains to improve his overall strengths, speed, and power. In MMA a fighter has to have the energy to wrestle and to pick someone up in the air, in boxing, however, it's just your weight, you don't have to carry anyone around. Jorge Masvidal added that if he can shift those energy blocks and throw 80-90 punches around, he could hurt Alvarez. He could win for MMA.

"Boxing is cool but it's just a section of fighting."

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UFC 244: Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz match overview

One of the most highly-anticipated matches of UFC 244 saw Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz fighting each other to win the BMF title. Despite Diaz showing tough fight, Masvidal ended up winning the match after the third round due to doctor stoppage. The crowd of the MSG Arena was split after the result, but Masvidal's victory over Nate Diaz was evident as Masvidal got two knockdowns on Diaz and landed 62 per cent of the 184 strikes he took. The fight also saw Diaz trying to perform two takedowns, but he was not able to succeed even once. Masvidal was declared a winner after the doctor stopped the fight because of a severe cut above Diaz's eye.

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