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Jorge Masvidal LIED, CHEATED On Wife And Kids; Arch-rival Colby Covington Makes Bold Claim

BMF champ Jorge Masvidal’s rival Colby Covington has sparked outrage by sharing a picture with a woman who he claims to be Masvidal’s real wife.

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Image Source: Colby Covington/ Instagram, UFC/ YouTube

Jorge Masvidal will fight Kamaru Usman on Saturday night at UFC 261 for the undisputed welterweight gold. However, ahead of the clash, Masvidal’s former best friend turned rival, Colby Covington has sparked outrage by sharing a picture with a woman who he claims to be Masvidal’s real wife. In the picture, Covington can be seen sitting with Maritza Collado, who he addressed as “Mrs Masvidal” in the caption.

Is Jorge Masvidal married? Colby Covington Jorge Masvidal comments

Later, Chaos took things even further as he told Mac Life that Maritza Collado is still legally married to the Gamebred. He also claimed that Maritza is the real mother of Masvidal's kids, adding that BMF’s marriage to ex-wife Iman Kawa was a lie. “The mother of his children and his wife that is still on the marriage certificate today - they're not divorced yet - is Maritza Collado... Maritza Masvidal,” Colby Covington said. 

Skip to 2:50 to see Covington talks about Jorge Masvidal wife.

Afterwards, Covington sat down with Helen Yee, where he called Masvidal a liar and claimed that Gamebred cheated on his wife Maritza and has been lying to his kids about their mother.  "He’s a piece-of-s*** person. He cheated on his wife; he cheated on his kids. He lies to his kids. He’s just not a good person. So I want to expose him in front of the whole world,” Covington told Helen Yee via Heavy. 

Jorge Masvidal wife: Fans call out Colby Covington

Many disagree with Covington’s claims, considering Masvidal had a very public relationship with Iman Kawa and very little information is available on Maritza Collado. Fans believe that Chaos is pulling yet another publicity stunt and has hired an actor to pose as Masvidal’s wife. “Fake news Colby is back again,” wrote a fan. “It’s clearly fake. Stop being an a**hole Colby,” added another.

Is Jorge Masvidal married? Who is Iman Kawa?

Jorge Masvidal was in a relationship with Iman Kawa for almost a decade, with the two having three kids together - two daughters and a son. According to reports, the pair remained together till 2018, before parting ways in early 2019. Kawa, who is the sister of MMA managers Malki and Abraham Kawa, is also a professional chef and is the owner of the YouTube channel 'Better Than Your Mother's', where she hosts episodes of cooking and lifestyle. Even Masvidal has featured in many of her videos in the past.

Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington is inevitable

Covington and Masvidal were expected to clash inside the Octagon this year after their relationship took a major dip in 2020. From being roommates and training partners, the two had a falling out due to personal reasons, which went on to become one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history. In the past few months, both have exchanged some harsh words, with fans demanding a bout. However, the bout has a huge chance of happening in the near future, considering Covington is currently the no.1 ranked star and might fight the winner of Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal 2.

Image Source: Colby Covington/ Instagram, UFC/ YouTube

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