Roman Reigns: The Secret Behind 'The Big Dog's' Enterance Theme

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WWE Raw Roman Reigns theme music The Truth Reigns has an unheard secret. We will take you through the story behind his theme and his update on his future.

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Roman Reigns, who is riding high in his WWE career has a massive fan base across the world. His fans know everything about his stats, his top matches and best career rivalries. But do they know about the story behind their favourite WWE Theme Song? ‘The Truth Reigns’ is Roman's current theme music. It is an instrumental where you would not hear any vocals through the track. You hear this music every Monday night on Raw, but what you do not hear is the story behind it that stays completely unheard of.

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Roman Reigns: The Secret You Need To Hear About His Theme Song

If you have been following Roman Reigns from his early days in The Shield, the trio of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have used the same theme song that Roman uses today for his solo outings. Rollins and Ambrose have gone their own ways with their respective new entrance themes. But it was Reigns who got to own this music. It is safe to believe the reason Roman Reigns was chosen to get a hold of this theme song was that it best suited his character and physique. Now, Here is What You Need to know!

With the original version, WWE had plugged-in a small vocal intro which went, “Sierra; Hotel; India; Echo; Lima; Delta.” These were not any random words. These are members of the 26 code-words in the NATO phonetic alphabet and has a wide usage in the armed and special forces. With all the attire and gear that resembled that of the military, this was probably what prompted the WWE to edit-in the intro bit to the Shield’s entrance theme giving it a deeper meaning. The depiction was also apparent through their performances. The intro snippet, however, was later removed with the revised version of the theme song that Roman walks out to today. Most fans would also agree when we say Roman looks like one of those characters from the movie Spartans and the 2019 action film Hobbs & Shaw also saw him in a similar role.

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What Does The Future Hold for 'The Big Dog?'

Roman Reigns, the self-proclaimed 'big dog' has everything that it takes to be a main eventer. The guy may lack the charisma of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or the ability of AJ Styles, but Roman Reigns isn't just here to be your eye-candy. The man has in-ring chemistry with every opponent, a good physique, a sassy attitude, and looks intimidating, all while being handsome. All these attributes combined will definitely help him move up the cards as he gains experience. When the kids and ladies start buying his merchandise, good things will happen to him. Roman Reigns also already experienced quite the success in WWE, having held the WWE Championship three times and the Universal Championship once. The man is sure to have a lot more success in the future. And as mentioned earlier, Roman has already appeared in the 2019 hit Hobbs & Shaw, alongside cousin, Dwayne Johnson, it's only likely that we see more of him in Hollywood in years to come.

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