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What Did Carlton Davis Say? Buccaneers Star Uses Anti-Asian Racial Slur Publicly

What did Carlton Davis say? After using a derogatory and offensive word for Asians, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback apologized while defending himself.

what did Carlton Davis say

Recently, Carlton Davis was called out for using some anti-Asian slur on Twitter. Since then, the NFL star has apologized for the same, while also defending and explaining his actions. This is not the first time an athlete has been under fire for using offensive terms, for which they have had to apologize, most times also defending and explaining their actions. So the question is - 'What did Carlton Davis say?

What did Carlton Davis say? Buccaneers player responds, apologizes and defends for anti-Asian racial slur

On Twitter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback defended himself for using the Asian slurs, while also apologizing for the same. The original tweet was sent out on Sunday night, which included an offensive and derogatory term for Korean and Vietnamese people. The term has been seen as extremely offensive, dating back to the Korean War, making it a Carlton Davis anti-Asian tweet.

In his apology, Davis claimed that he knew nothing about the offensive term "G**k" having another meaning. According to the Bucs star, he grew up believing the word meant "lame", and only used it for that reason. He apologized about using the word, assuring people that he will no longer be using the word. 

NFL news: Fans react to controversial Carlton Davis anti-Asian tweet

While Davis apologized, many people refused to buy the Carlton Davis Twitter apology. As per many people, athletes and celebrities end up choosing the oblivious option with their apologies, simultaneously defending themselves. However, a few people also supported him, sharing that they themselves were completely unaware of the word's true meaning and history. Some fans pointed out that as a person with a public platform, Davis has to be the one careful with his words, not trying to explain himself and his actions. 

Others added that a simple heartfelt apology would have worked. 

Davis, 24, is a second-round pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018. Last season, he finished the Bucs title season with 68 tackled and four interceptions. Davis has been under the spotlight for his beef with Michael Thomas earlier in 2021.

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