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What Happened To Eric McClure? Former NASCAR Driver Passes Away At 42 After Health Issues

What happened to Eric McClure? Earlier on Sunday, emergency personnel found former NASCAR driver Eric McClure dead at his home in Virginia.

what happened to Eric McClure

On Sunday, NASCAR announced that former stock car driver Eric McClure tragically passed away at the age of 42. McClure's family also announced the news, but no details were given on the cause of death. McClure's racing career was cut short by chronic health problems and netizens were curious to know more about what happened to Eric McClure and the Eric McClure cause of death.

Who was Eric McClure? What happened to Eric McClure?

Earlier on Sunday, multiple reports confirmed the Eric McClure death. In a statement, McClure's family confirmed his death and also thanked everyone for their wishes. "The family of Eric Wayne McClure, former NASCAR driver, announces with great sorrow his passing on Sunday. They would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this very difficult time." read the Eric McClure statement. 

The Eric McClure NASCAR career ended in 2016 as the driver had health issues. He was 42 at the time of his death. NASCAR fans on social media were quick to send in their tributes to the late stick car driver. 

In recent years, McClure had suffered from kidney problems, which could have contributed to the Eric McClure death. He was diagnosed with acute renal failure in 2013 and announced in 2019 that he was being treated for double kidney failure. After undergoing dialysis and multiple surgeries to save his limbs, McClure began to show signs of improvement, though he said he still experienced some numbness in his extremities.

Eric McClure NASCAR career and honours 

McClure raced in NASCAR for 14 years between 2003 and 2016, primarily in NASCAR's second-tier Xfinity Series. McClure competed in three races in the top tier Cup Series in his career.  During his 13-season career, he made 288 starts.

Eric McClure cause of death: How did Eric McClure die?

Emergency personnel were called to McClure's home Sunday morning where they found his body. However, no cause of death has been provided, and McClure was active on social media as recently as Saturday. Reports claimed that the Virginia native had experienced multiple concussions, which left him suffering neurological symptoms like headaches, nausea, and depression. 

McClure had previously detailed his health scares to the Bristol Herald Courier and said his injuries were due to "disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs."

Last October, McClure pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour domestic violence charge against his wife, Miranda McClure, who said he beat and choked her in front of their young children. 



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