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What Happened To Justin Fields? Ohio State QB Drops Epilepsy News Ahead Of 2021 NFL Draft

What happened to Justin Fields? Ahead of the 2021 NFL draft, the Ohio State quarterback shockingly revealed that he suffers from epilepsy.

Justin Fields

Justin Fields

American football quarterback Justin Fields is expected to be one of the top picks going into the 2021 NFL draft. However, a recent revelation of Fields' illness may complicate things when it comes to the NFL draft order. So, what happened to Justin Fields?

What happened to Justin Fields? Justin Fields epilepsy

Ahead of next week's 2021 NFL draft, NFL Media has reported that Justin Fields has informed teams that he is managing epilepsy. The neurological condition can cause seizures and is usually treated by medication amongst other medical approaches. However, as per the report, Fields has not been affected by the condition on the football field and also his symptoms have become less frequent in recent years. Other members of the quarterback's family outgrew the condition in their 20s and doctors believe that could be the case with Fields as well.

According to a source, Fields was diagnosed with epilepsy as a youth and has seen his symptoms get shorter and less frequent with time as long as he takes his medicine. Moreover, the NFL teams are also believed to have discussed Fields' treatment plans and whether he would be at a higher risk of playing the sport professionally. But Fields has no documented absences from games during his college career, suggesting his epilepsy concerns will not hinder his performances.

Fields, who most recently played for the Ohio State Buckeyes, has also received compliments from the Ohio State coach Ryan Day. Day wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, "Justin’s health, toughness and work ethic have never been an issue and I am incredibly proud of his professionalism and the character he displays on and off the field. The fact that he never missed a game at Ohio State speaks volumes about how he takes care of himself."

2021 NFL Draft time and locations

As per the 2021 NFL Draft time, round one will take place on Thursday, April 29. Rounds 2-3 will be held on Friday, April 30 while rounds 4-7 will be held on Saturday, May 1. The 2021 NFL draft will take place at various locations that include Cleveland, Ohio, including FirstEnergy Stadium, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.

NFL Draft order and top picks

In round 1 of the 2021 NFL draft, Jacksonville Jaguars will get the first pick followed by the New York Jets. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is widely regarded by many as the top pick for the 2021 NFL draft followed by BYU quarterback Zach Wilson. Meanwhile, Justin Fields could have been drafted as high as number three but concerns about his epilepsy may make the decision more difficult for teams.

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