WWE Raw Results: Lesnar Beats Mysterio; Styles And Rollins Win Titles

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This week's WWE Raw was the last event before the Hell in a Cell. As a lot of drama builds up, let us look at the WWE Raw results for the September 30 episode.

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On last week’s WWE Raw, Rey Mysterio won the Fatal 5 Way to earn a chance to challenge Seth Rollins for his Championship title. This week, on September 30, fans saw The Aerialist defend his title, along with WWE building up for the much-anticipated Hell in a Cell which is to take place later this week. Roode and Ziggler were also up against Heavy Machinery for the WWE Raw tag titles. AJ Styles also faced Cedric Alexander for the US Championship. This was the final episode before Hell in a Cell.

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WWE Raw Results: Brock Lesnar hits Rey Mysterio with F5s

Though we were excited to see Rollins defend his title, things took an interesting turn. Lesnar, along with Paul Heyman, entered the ring immediately after Mysterio’s entry. Not giving The Ultimate Underdog any chance, Lesnar hit him with two F5s for no reason. He even attacks Dominick, Mysterio’s son, who was sitting in the front row. Lesnar proceeded to drag Dom before running him to the ringside and slamming him on the floor. He left with Heyman after throwing both Mysterio’s with suplexes. The Beast even came back again to beat some producers and Dom.

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WWE Raw Results: Other Matches

After Lesnar leaves, Alexa Bliss takes on Sasha Banks, while Becky Lynch watched the match. Banks won the match by kicking Alexa on her injured leg. The encounter ended with Becky promising to Punish Sasha during Hell in a Cell. Roode and Ziggler also managed to defend their WWE tag title against Heavy Machinery. Lined up next, we had the Viking Raiders up against Anderson. Erik and Ivar defeated Anderson with their finisher as the crowd came alive by the end of the match. Cesaro and Ricochet fought next. Though both start with a swift exchange of counters, Ricochet wins after delivering a beautiful Hurricanrana from the top. AJ Styles also defended his US Championship title after taking down Cedric Alexander. Both WWE wrestlers counter each other before Styles hits Alexander with a Styles Clash for the pin and the win. Natalya and Lacey Evans wrestled each other next. Evans wins after rolling the Queen of Harts in a bunch of tights.

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WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins defends his title

Rollins defended his title while Rusev puts up a good fight. Rusev attacked Rollins after offering a handshake as a trap. As the match came to an end, Bobby Lashley and Lena came out and proceeded to kiss, which had shocked Rusev. Just as the show was about to end, we saw Bray Wyatt makes an appearance at ringside to attack Rollins

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