WWE: The Debut Of The Elimination Chamber At Survivor Series 2002 PPV

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In the WWE Survivor Series 2002 PPV, the Elimination Chamber Match debuted and changed the course of brutality in WWE matches. Let us look back at the epic bout

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The Survivor Series Pay-per-view featured the Elimination Chamber Match as the main event way back in 2002. This was Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff's creation and had the first-ever World Heavyweight Champion Triple H facing off against Kane, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Booker-T, and Shawn Michaels. Triple H had been crowned the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion by Eric Bischoff when he revealed the belt to the WWE universe.

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A classic bout

The match's concept was simple, six superstars would go head-to-head inside the steel elimination chamber with nowhere to escape. Four chambers would house four superstars who would be released at random every five minutes. The final superstar surviving would be the World Heavyweight Champion. The gigantic structure was lowered onto the ring and the superstars started entering. 

Triple H

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Rob Van Dam and Triple H started off the match as both of them exchanged blows nearing the edge of the ring where the real match began. Soon enough, Van Dam tossed Triple H onto the steel chains which surrounded the ring. Van Dam, who was no stranger to being an outrageous high-flyer, climbed Chris Jericho's chamber and attempted a frog splash on Triple H. By this time, Triple H was bleeding and then the buzzer rang. Jericho's chamber opened as Jericho entered the ring and the three men began to fight. Momentum did not favour any one of them as they were all tired. 

Booker-T entered and swiftly eliminated Rob Van Dam. Kane made his way onto the ring next and wreaked havoc. He put Jericho through one of the chambers and broke the plexiglass on it while doing so. The match was already brutal enough and HBK was yet to come out of his chamber. Finally, Jericho landed a Moonsault on Booker-T and sent him on his way out. The charged Shawn Michaels finally entered the elimination chamber.

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The Big Red Machine was beating everyone in the ring up when Triple H managed to land a Pedigree on him. Jericho performed a Moonsault on him and sent Kane out of the match. Only three men remained. Jericho was then performing a Walls of Jericho on Triple H when Shawn Michaels delivered a Sweet Chin Music right to Jericho's face. Jericho was then pinned.

Shawn Michaels

Triple H and Michaels remained in the ring, bleeding and worn out. Triple H then proceeded to beat up Michaels and put him through another chamber's plexiglass. The match was in its final stages as both superstars could barely stand anymore, let alone deliver a beating. In a final attempt, Triple H went for the Pedigree but Michaels pushed him away and delivered a Sweet Chin Music. Triple H was pinned and Michaels won the World Heavyweight Championship. Madison Square Garden went crazy as HBK's entrance music played and Confetti dropped from the sky. HBK celebrated with his new World Title and the entire WWE universe celebrated too. This truly was one of the most iconic matches in the history of the 2000s WWE. 

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