WWE Theme Songs – Famous Tracks From The Biggest Wrestling Network

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Apart from wrestling, WWE is also known for its enthralling soundtracks. Some of the theme songs used by show's superstars have gained worldwide recognition.

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For decades, WWE has been the pinnacle of wrestling entertainment. The roaster itself includes a plethora of superstars who are admired and loved by millions of fans all over the world. WWE, short for ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ has been largely responsible for glorifying wrestling among mainstream audiences. Fans gather around by the thousands in arenas to view the weekly Raw and SmackDown events. They are also joined by millions of viewers worldwide who enjoy the coverage through their television sets and streaming devices.

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The popularity of this mega organization however is not restricted within the wrestling community alone. Wrestling entertainment aside, WWE is also known for its enthralling soundtracks and various music albums. The genres of the music vary from wrestler to wrestler. From Hip-Hop to Rock, Reggaeton to Pop, the halls of the entertainment’s arena have  echoed with the best of every genre. The music played at superstar’s entrances and tunes from big annual events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam are all compiled together to form music albums under the WWE Music Group label. Usually, the entrance titles are performed by various music artists but in some cases, they are performed by the wrestlers themselves. John Cena’s ‘You Can't See Me’ album is one of those examples.

As we continue to honor WWE’s music, we look at some of the best theme songs from the wrestling company’s record label:

Booyaka 619 – Booyaka 619 is the theme song used by Rey Mysterio which the superstar has been using in his entrance since 2006. The track was performed by the American nu metal band ‘P.O.D.’ at WrestleMania 22.

The Game – This heavy metal track performed by the English rock band Motörhead to this date remains one of the most memorable entrance theme songs seen within the industry. The song was featured in the band’s 16th studio album ‘Hammered’ and is being used by ‘Triple H’ as his entrance music.

Slow Chemical – This track was performed by the Canadian alternative rock band ‘Finger Eleven’ for Kane, one of the biggest superstars ever to grace the WWE ring. Kane used this track as his theme song from 2002 to 2008.

The Time is Now – Perhaps the most popular single from the show’s rich musical history, ‘The Time is Now’ was also the opening track of John Cena’s Hip-hop album ‘You Can't See Me’. The song also features ‘Tha Trademarc’ (John Cena’s cousin) as a featuring artist and the single was released along with the rest of the album in 2005. To this date, the former WWE Champion uses the same song for his entrance music.

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