Big Show Warns Cain Velasquez To Beware Of 'Monster' Brock Lesnar

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Big Show has warned Cain Velasquez to beware of 'Monster' Brock Lesnar ahead of their WWE Championship match at Crown Jewel on October 31 in Saudi Arabia

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Big Show

The Big Show has been one of the finest, strongest and the biggest superstars in the WWE. Big Show had a dream start to his professional wrestling career when he was initially introduced as the son of the legendary Andre The Giant when he had first started out at World Championship Wrestling (WCW) back in the 90s. The show now makes part-time appearances on WWE. However, during his time in the company, he has been a seven-time world champion and has also won other singles as well as tag team titles. Recently, 'The World's Largest Athlete' has given a warning to Cain Velasquez.

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Big Show warns Velasquez about 'Monster'

You have heard that right. The Big Show has cautioned Cain Velasquez ahead of his WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel on October 31. In an interview with TMZ Sports, the former world champion has revealed that in his two-and-a-half decades of wrestling career, he has never seen anyone like Brock Lesnar.

"Imma be real honest with you, I've been wrestling for 25 years, I have never seen a monster like Brock Lesnar and the warpath that's he's been on for the past few years," Big Show said. "He's stronger, he's faster, he's seasoned, he's confident in where he is. He's tough."

Both Big Show and the 'Beast Incarnate' have had a lot of rivalries when Brock had started his WWE career and was known as 'The Next Big Thing'. In fact, both the big men had locked horns against each other in that famous episode of Smackdown back in June 2003 where an over the top rope superplex from Lesnar to Show left the ring imploded. 

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Cain had destroyed Brock Lesnar in UFC

In case if you were wondering who has got the guts to tame the ferocious beast, Brock Lesnar, then Cain Velasquez is the real deal. In fact, Cardio Cain had knocked the lights out of Brock Lesnar to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship from him back in 2010. After his defeat, Lesnar was unable to fight for months. So it's a no-brainer in guessing why the Beast Incarnate had to flee from the ring after he was floored by his biggest nightmare on the 20th anniversary of Smackdown earlier this month. 

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