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Liv Morgan Injury: WWE Provides Update Following Brutal Brawl Against Becky Lynch

WWE through its Twitter handle announced that Liv Morgan has suffered a deep bone bruise, and a strained radial collateral ligament in the arm Lynch targeted.

Liv Morgan injury update

Image: WWE/ Twitter

With WWE Day 1 approaching fast, Liv Morgan finds herself racing against time to be fit to face WWE RAW Women's champion Beck Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Liv Morgan had injured herself during the recent episode of RAW (December 13), where she challenged Becky Lynch for Raw Women’s Champion title rematch.

WWE RAW: About Liv Morgan's injury

Liv Morgan's injury happened when the wrestler brawled with Becky Lynch, with the WWE RAW Women's Champion eventually trapping Liv Morgan’s arm in between the ring post and the steel steps before repeatedly stomping on her elbow. On Raw Talk, WWE announced that Morgan had suffered a deep bone bruise and a strained radial collateral ligament in the arm that Lynch targeted during the game.

WWE made the announcement about Liv Morgan's injury via its Twitter handle.

All you need to know about Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch, after giving birth to a baby, made a dream return to WWE by winning the WWE Women's title that was held by Bianca Belair. The Man (Lynch) won the RAW Women's Championship at WWE Summerslam and since then, she has remained at the top.

She shocked the WWE Universe by beating Bianca Belair at the biggest event of the summer, ending the latter's quest to retain the title. With two episodes of WWE RAW left ahead of the Day 1 pay-per-view, the two women wrestlers will have the time to tell a compelling story and try to convince the fans that the challenger could actually dethrone the champion.

Liv Morgan was poised for her breakthrough title win on the first Raw of December however Becky Lynch was able to cling on to the title and leave Morgan hoping for one more opportunity. Lynch and Morgan came to blows in their ensuing encounter the following week, as the challenger unleashed on the champion with a furious attack.

Big Time Becks responded with an unmatched brutality and smashed Morgan's arm between the steel steps. Morgan has proved she's unwilling to back down from her title dreams, but how much strength can she muster in her battle?

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