On This Day In 2005, Eddie Guerrero Wrestled His Last-ever Match

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Eddie Guerrero had wrestled his last-ever match on this day 14 years ago against Mr. Kennedy on Smackdown. Eddie passed away five days later on November 13.

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Eddie Guerrero was one of the best athletes and also one of the finest in-ring performers as well as technical wrestlers in WWE history. Apart from this wrestling and athletic skills, he was also a very good entertainer with his 'Lie Cheat & Steal' gimmick. During his short yet memorable career with the WWE, the 'Latino Heat' has won the Tag Team Championships twice with Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio and the WWE Championship in 2004. This was also his first and only world title in the company. After Eddie had passed away unexpectedly in 2005, the Mexican superstar was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Rey and Chavo posthumously on the night before Wrestlemania 22. Meanwhile, on this day, Eddie had also wrestled the final match of his life.

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Eddie Guerrero's last-ever match

You have heard that right. November 8, 2005. A date which all the WWE fans will cherish forever and very dearly as well as Eddie Guerrero had wrestled his last-ever match on this day 14 years ago. He faced Mr Kennedy in a one-on-one match on Smackdown where the winner of that contest would have gone on to represent Team Smackdown against Team Raw at the Survivor Series which was scheduled to be held later that month. Eddie used his signature trick to win the match. When the referee was knocked down, he banged the steel chair on the floor, handed it to Mr. Kennedy and lay flat on the ground. When the referee got up, he mistook Kennedy of having indulged in unethical practices and disqualified him instantly as the 'Latino Heat' emerged victorious and sealed his place in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match. However, things did not end there as an enraged Mr. Kennedy hit Guerrero on the head with the steel chair. After the match, Eddie seemed to be unwell as he was being given medical treatment backstage and the then World Heavyweight Champion Batista came down and enquired whether all was well. This edition of Smackdown was televised on November 8 but was aired on November 11. Sadly, the fans had no idea whatsoever back then that it was the last time they would see the 'Latino Heat' in action.

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What happened thereafter?

Just five days after Eddie Guerrero had sealed his place in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match, he was found unconscious in his hotel room in Minneapolis Minnesota by his younger brother Chavo Guerrero and by the time the paramedics arrived at the scene, Eddie was declared dead. He was 38 at the time of his untimely death. It was then revealed that he had died as a result of acute heart failure. As per reports, his better half Vickie Guerrero claimed that he had been unwell in the week leading up to his death. Eddie Guerrero's untimely death not only shocked the fans all over the world but even his colleagues and members of the wrestling fraternity were stunned as well. A tribute show was held on November 13 in the loving memory of Eddie Guerrero where the WWE stars were seen crying bitterly. That week's episodes of Raw and Smackdown which were supposed to be filmed on November 14 and 18 respectively were filmed on the 13th instead as a part of the tribute. Eddie Guerrero was replaced by Randy Orton to represent Team Smackdown at that year's Survivor Series and he went on to win the contest for his team. 

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