WWE: 5 Famous Superstars Who Were Arrested Live On Television

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Some of the wrestlers in WWE take the drama too far and find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Here are five recent arrests that were live on television.

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WWE is much like theatre, except that all the drama takes place in a ring. There are storylines, where the wrestlers portray fictional characters, start feuds and beat-up their opponents. However, most times, things don’t go the way it is planned. Some of the wrestlers take the drama too far and find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Here are five recent arrests made on WWE TV.

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Vince McMahon

The Chairman and CEP of WWE is considered to be the best heel in the business. He plays his role as a ruthless boss and nasty person to the T. However, some of his worst actions have led to him getting arrested numerous times. The last time he was arrested was in 2015 after he assaulted a policeman on RAW. McMahon and his daughter Stephanie had cooked up a plan to get Roman Reigns detained, but the plan backfired. Though arrested, McMahon was released soon after and it was announced that he would referee Reigns’ Title match on the next episode of RAW.

Becky Lynch

The winner of the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble was arrested twice this year. After winning the Rumble, she chose Ronda Rousey as her WrestleMania 35 opponent. However, Vince McMahon had other plans as he suspended Lynch for 60 days and announced Charlotte Flair as her replacement. That did not keep Lynch away from the ring. In February, she attacked Natalya and Rousey on RAW. After the on-site security failed to remove her from the venue, the Atlanta PD was called on the scene, and Lynch was placed under arrest. She was later released and came back to defeat Flair, earning her place back in WrestleMania 35. However, the drama continued, and she, Rousey, and Flair were involved in a brawl, which saw all three of them arrested at the same time. In the end, Lynch subdued Rousey to become the RAW and SmackDown women’s champion at the same, which was a first in WWE history.

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Charlotte Flair

The 10-time WWE Women’s Champion was arrested after being involved in a brawl with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. The might of these women can be gauged from the fact that the cops were called after they took out the security at the venue. Despite being arrested and handcuffed, the three women wrestlers tried to break into cop cars and attack each other. It took a whole lot of cops and bystanders to control the women and escort them to jail.

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Ronda Rousey

The 'Baddest Woman on the Planet' was arrested ahead of WrestleMania 35, along with Flair and Lynch. Rousey was arrested after she took down a police officer while attempting to attack Becky Lynch. Rousey had to be handcuffed to reign in her assault. Though released before WrestleMania 35, Rousey lost her RAW Women’s Championship title to Lynch. She has not been seen in WWE since then.

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Rusev is currently undergoing some personal issues with his wife Lana having an affair with his rival Bobby Lashley. Lana has argued that it was Rusev who cheated first and she was following his lead. However, Rusev does not agree with the logic. In October, on a RAW episode, he crashed Lashley and Lana’s date in a restaurant and attacked his love-rival. Cops had to be called and Rusev was arrested. As he was being escorted out, Lana wished him the best in jail. He was released later and returned to the WWE. However, he is looking for some retribution against the couple who have tormented him. 

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