WWE RAW: Watch Lana Confess That She Is Pregnant With Rusev’s Baby

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WWE RAW: After accusing Rusev of infidelity a few weeks ago, Lana came to the WWE ring and announced that she is with Rusev’s baby. Read more to know.

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The story of Lana and Rusev is getting controversial day by day and the WWE Universe is enjoying every bit of it. After accusing Rusev of infidelity a few weeks ago, Lana came to the WWE ring and announced that she is with Rusev’s baby. After the announcement, many were shocked and wondered whether she is telling the truth or not as she has been in a relationship with wrestler Bobby Lashley for almost two months.

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After the shocking reveal, Rusev came into the ring and tried to calmly talk about her recent relationship until she slapped him across the face multiple times. That’s when Lashley made his entrance, ambushing Rusev after Lana jumped behind his back covered his eyes. In the end, it was obvious that Lana made the story up so that she could lure out Rusev. She later kissed Lashley once again at the top of the ramp.

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WWE: Lana accuses Rusev of infidelity

A few weeks ago, Rusev and Lana were invited to the 'King’s Court' — aptly renamed 'Divorce Court' by Jerry Lawler. At the segment, Lana revealed that Rusev dominated their marriage life and always forced her to have a baby. She also revealed that her dream to become a model was also over because of Rusev and when Lashley accused Rusev of infidelity, it was all the evidence she needed that Rusev never really loved her.

When Rusev tried to deny all the accusations, Lashley appeared to the ring and the two started a brawl. Rusev was seen in total defiance and took his wedding ring off and shoved it in Lashley’s mouth. Lana then came to the ring to help Lashley and attacked her husband with a Kendo stick. Rusev grabbed the stick and Lashley downed Rusev with a pair of low blows. Lana then slapped Rusev that made him fall. Lana and Lashley humiliated Rusev by kissing each other on top of his fainted body. 

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