WWE Survivor Series: Rey Mysterio To Face Lesnar For The Championship

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This week’s WWE RAW started with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar coming to the ring and alongside advocate his Paul Heyman to seek revenge against Rey Mysterio.

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This week's WWE RAW started with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar coming to the ring with advocate Paul Heyman to seek revenge against Rey Mysterio. The mouthpiece for The Beast started the show by introducing Brock Lesnar and revealed that his client has left WWE SmackDown. Heyman then threatened Rey Mysterio and vowed that the masked Luchador will get what was coming to him or The Beast would turn everything upside-down. He ended the segment saying that if Lesnar finds Mysterio, he will end Mysterio’s career.


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After the announcement, the duo went out of the ring to find Rey Mysterio. In the middle of the show, Lesnar was seen manhandling a WWE staff member, asking him about Mysterio’s whereabouts. After a failed search, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned to the stage and confronted the commentary team. When Jerry "The King" Lawler told Lesnar to stop, Lesnar moved ahead to beat The King but was stopped by commentator Dio Maddin. However, Maddin was not successful as Lesnar picked him up and delivered an F-5 through the announce table.

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In the chaos, Rey Mysterio arrived from behind and attacked Brock Lesnar with a bat. Mysterio kept on targeting Lesnar’s leg and ended the assault by attacking Lesnar with his Championship belt. Mysterio left the ring leaving Lesnar in extreme pain. Mysterio then appeared on the screen and said that The Beast attacked his son Dominic, who is really close to him, so he will take the thing close to Lesnar that is the WWE Championship. He then challenged Lesnar for the Championship match, which the champion agreed to. The match is scheduled to take place on the upcoming WWE PPV - Survivor Series

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WWE Crown Jewel: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

A rivalry that began almost 10 years ago in the UFC octagon finally concluded when Lesnar redeemed his WWE Championship at the Crown Jewel PPV. From the start of the match, Lesnar tried to take control, but Velasquez kept on contouring with some incredible MMA moves. After a few combos, Cain Velasquez downed Lesnar with a knee and started delivering punches. Lesnar contoured by kicking his opponent on the knee and trapping him in a Kimura for the tap-out victory. After the bell rang, Lesnar kept Velasquez in Kimura lock and tried to break his arm. Rey Mysterio saved Velasquez by attacking Brock Lesnar with a steel chair from behind. Lesnar somehow dodged some hits and left the ring with his WWE Championship belt.

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