Published 16:41 IST, April 25th 2024

Former Zimbabwe cricketer narrowly escapes death in harrowing leopard encounter-PHOTOS REVEALED

Former international cricketer survives a terrifying leopard attack narrowly, with revealing photos highlighting the intense encounter that nearly took his life

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
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Guy Whittal after leopard attack | Image: Facebook/Hannah Stooks Whittall

Guy Whittal, a former cricket player for Zimbabwe, recently had to endure a terrifying experience after he managed to escape a leopard attack in Buffalo Range, Zimbabwe. Whittal was flown from the site and had emergency surgery after the incident. Whittal's wife, Hannah Stooks Whittal, posted images of him undergoing medical care on social media, displaying his serious injuries.

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What did Hannah post about Guy Whittal’s surgery?

Hannah wrote about her husband's horrific experience in her essay, emphasising the substantial blood loss he suffered. Whittal was shown in one of the circulated images with extensive bandages and a bloody shirt, emphasising how serious the situation was. Writing on his Facebook account, Guy Whittal said:

"Evening, all you special people. Guy and I are overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages of well wishers after guys run in with a wounded leopard earlier today - We are very fortunate that he was stabilized at Hippo Clinic by wonderful staff. He was then Airlifted from Buffalo Range by Ace Ambulance to Harare, then transferred to Milton Park Hospital for treatment.

He is currently awaiting surgery tomorrow morning as he lost alot of blood today.

We will know more tomorrow when they remove bandages in Theatre - To Vikus Jane and Nick Coetzeeyou are incredible - Brent Hein for getting Guy to hospital To Allianz Care - Miles Bennett and Rhona Gherke thank you !

Finally to our faithful K9 Chikara his handler and trackers - Chikara coming up tomorrow to the vet after being mauled by the leopard and getting the cat off Guy ! Very special boy - Whittal runs a safari business and was mauled by the big cat while he was out his his pet dog Chikara, who was also injured trying to save him.

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Whittal, who is well-known in Zimbabwe for running a safari company, was attacked while hiking through the conservancy he oversees in Humani, Zimbabwe, according to The Daily Mail.

Whittal had already come into such close contact with nature on previous occasions. He was startled by an 8-foot-long crocodile that had broken into the Humani lodge in Zimbabwe in 2013. Whittal had no idea that the enormous 150-kg crocodile had lain soundlessly beneath his bed all night. The horrifying revelation came the next morning as Whittal was having breakfast in the kitchen and heard a housemaid's panicked screams. Whittal has a fascinating and dangerous history of contacts with wildlife, which this episode adds to.


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