Published 22:54 IST, May 17th 2024

'He is not seeing the scorecard': Kaif hails Virat Kohli as a 'hermit' on his journey to 'Himalayas'

Mohammad Kaif lauded Virat Kohli for attaining a level of focus and concentration akin to that of a monk. Kaif is impressed with Kohli's on-going form.

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Virat Kohli | Image: BCCI

Mohammad Kaif lauded Virat Kohli for attaining a level of focus and concentration akin to that of a monk. Kaif was impressed with Kohli's form in the ongoing IPL 2024 season and felt that no bowler could trouble him. Speaking on Star Sports, Kaif likened Kohli to a hermit in the Himalayas, noting that Kohli had reached a zone where he remained unaffected by any external noise or distractions. 

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Mohammed Kaif lauds Virat Kohli

"When a hermit goes to the Himalayas, he is in a different zone when he is meditating. Nothing distracts him. Whether there is a loud noise, someone shouts or cries, it doesn't make a difference. Virat Kohli has reached that zone," Kaif said.

The star RCB batter has been in outstanding form this year. Virat Kohli currently holds the Orange Cap with 661 runs in 13 matches. He has been striking at a rate of 155.16 and boasts an impressive average of 66.10.


Kaif believes that Kohli has been playing in such a way that no bowler can get his number.

"He is not seeing the scorecard and is just in his zone and concentrating. He knows the intent with which he needs to play no matter which bowler, whether it's a fast bowler or a spinner, is in front of him. No matter which bowler comes, he has reached a zone where there is no match-up."


Kaif also commended Kohli for his relentless desire to score runs and his drive to ensure his team's victory at any cost. Kaif believes that Kohli has reached a level of performance that other players are unable to match.

"He has come just to dominate. He has come with the passion that he will only be satisfied once he makes his team win, and that has been seen from the second match. In the first match against Chennai, he got out when he pulled a Fizz (Mustafizur Rahman) slower bouncer and (Ajinkya) Rahane took the catch," Kaif added.


"From the second match against Punjab, he came determined. He was jumping down the track and hitting (Kagiso) Rabada and playing slog sweeps against spinners. You talk about the fourth or fifth gear, but he has reached the 15th gear. No one will reach that level." 





22:54 IST, May 17th 2024