5 Evergreen Tricks In PUBG Mobile: Types Of Grips And How To Perfect These To Enhance Gameplay Even Now 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • There are certain evergreen tricks in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile which has been striking all the right chords of late, through constant updates is definitely attracting newer players to its battle-royale platform. In this scenario, it only becomes worth revisiting classic tricks that could better overall gameplay. In this regard, gripping is one such evergreen aspect that if done well enhances overall gameplay whilst making weapon handling relatively easier.  

Check out below effective tricks to grip in PUBG Mobile: 

Trick 1: Perfecting the Half Grip – USP of the Half Grip is the fact that it lowers recoil and enhances recoil recovery enabling players take effective shots at enemies, whilst effecting more shots to slaughter enemies mercilessly. It is recommended, by expert players, to use weapons such as Vector, , AUG A3, and UMP9, AUG A3. 

Trick 2: Perfecting the Thumb Grip – USP of the Thumb Grip is it lowers the time taken to open the scope of the weapon. Effective thumb gip also leads to good recoil recovery, enhanced Aim Down Sight (ADS) and steady gripping of weapons. 

Trick 3: Perfecting the angled grip – Like the thumb grip, the angled grip also offers enhanced ADS. This grip can be ideally tested out with ARs and SMG category of weapons.  

Trick 4: Perfecting the vertical grip - When players perfect the vertical grip, it becomes ideal for weapons such as the Tommy Gun and Beryl M762. It offers weapon stability that could potentially come in handy during rapid-fire sequences. 

Trick 5; Perfecting the Light grip – Mastering this grip leads to ease of handling with respect to weapons like UMP9 and Vector. Weapon stability is a major USP of the Light Grip. Accuracy of these weapons is also a potential end result.  

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