5 Expert Recommended Hacks To Explore PUBG Lite Beta Completely, For Those Having Pre-Registered


PUBG Lite beta is no seeding widely in India.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Lite beta, which is newly seeding to gamers on even low-end computers in India, is better played by checking out effective trips/tricks. The game, which was highly anticipated by gamers in India, deserves a proper exploration after all; and what better than checking out the game and see if tricks recommended by expert gamers work during varying in-game situations. In this regard, check out below expert-recommended tips/tricks for playing the battle-royale better, for those having pre-registered to check out the beta. 

Now, renowned PUBG gamers going by the YouTube moniker MrGhostGaming via a new video recommends the below tips for PUBG Lite players in India: 

  • Walk slowly to decrease the sound of footsteps; comes in handy almost always to avoid comparatively easier enemy detection. To lower footstep sound, first crouch and then press control key plus W. This should reduce the sound of the footsteps, as recommended by MrGhostGaming. 
  • To aim effectively, navigate to Settings > Control > ADS > Seclect Right Mouse Button 
  • After the above step, navigate to Gameplay (in Settings) > Key Input Method > ADS > Set it to toggle/hold 
  • Independent of the above, press Alt key on the keyboard along with the Mouse wheel to better zoom to mark your teammates 
  • It is inevitable to heal fast, press “9” to use the bandage, “8” for first aid, “7” for MedKit, for adrenaline press “0”. 

For new PUBG Lite gamers, minimum computer requirements to run PUBG Lite beta are as below: 

  • Operating system (OS) – Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, or Windows 10 OSes 
  • Required graphics card - Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics      
  • Minimum RAM – At least 4GB  
  • Minimum Processor – 2.4GHz Intel Core i3   
  • Hard disk storage required – 4GB at least.

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