After Nepal, Now Iraq Is All Set To Ban PUBG Over Links With Crime And Violence


According to reports, Iraq may be on the verge to impose a nationwide ban on PUBG over links with violence and crime in the country.

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According to reports, Iraq may be on the verge to impose a nationwide ban on the popular online battle royale game PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds (PUBG), over links with violence and crime in the country. Lawmakers in Iraq are said to consider whether games like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends should be banned for encouraging crime and violence in Iraq.

“The Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism and Archaeology views with great concern the spread of the phenomenon of electronic games that is causing violence among children, and young boys and girls,” Kurdistan 24 quoted MP Sami’a Ghulab

Ms Ghulab agreed to back the proposal to ban games like  PUBG, Fortnite and Alex Legends as they are “affecting the social, psychological and educational level of everyone” who plays them. More details are awaited with regard to how the ban would be enforced.

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Last week, Nepal’s telecom authority ordered a ban on PUBG after concerns were raised citing growing aggression among the players and affecting studies among children. Public interest litigation was filed by Metropolitan Crime Division in Kathmandu District Court.

In Nepal, Experts and psychiatrists were consulted before finalising the ban order. After the court granted permission to impose a nationwide ban on the game, Nepal Telecommunication Authority directed all major telecom operators and Internet Service Providers to block PUBG servers on their network.

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Earlier, there was a report that parents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are asking to impose a ban on PUBG due to “bad influence on youth” and the game’s “violent content and addictive nature.”

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Of late, there has been a growing animosity against PUBG game in India and for many reasons: Most important thing that needs to be addressed is the addiction among those who play the game. Additionally, there is a growing discomfort among parents because of PUBG.

In the past, we have heard about so many cases where PUBG players were aggressive not only in terms of the gameplay but also outside of the game.

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