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Best Free Apps To Limit Screen Time On Android And IOS Devices

People spend a lot of time glued to their smartphones these days and if not careful, waste a lot of time. Here are the best free apps to limit screen time.

best free apps to limit screen time

Smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life. People can easily spend more than six to seven hours just scrolling on their smartphones every day without even realising it. While it's undeniable that we cannot live without smartphones today as almost everything can be done through them like ordering food, banking, emails, etc. However, spending the majority of the day glued to your smartphone screen can be detrimental to your productivity. Let's take a look at the best free apps to limit screen time on smartphones. 

Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time 

You can use the apps given below to monitor and restrict your daily screentime. You can use these apps to analyse how much time you spend scrolling mindlessly on social media apps. You can also block certain websites and apps with these apps, to save your productive time during the day. The apps mentioned below work on both Android and iOS devices. 


Freedom is the most popular app to limit screen time used by more than millions of users. You can use this app to block specific apps and websites that distract you during the day like Facebook or Instagram. You can also set schedules to block them, so they get automatically unlocked after your work hours are finished. 


ScreenTime is another highly popular app that has more than 2 million downloads. With this app, you can set time limits on apps. For eg, if you put a limit of 30 min on Instagram, the app will not you Instagram after you have finished your quota of 30 mins scrolling Instagram. This app also has many other features and provides very informative statics about how much screen time you spend on each app. 


ZenScreen is all about balancing your screentime. As the ZenScreen app description on the Appstore calls it, they want to help you improve your 'digital diet' by keeping the use of all apps in balance. You can use this app to set time limits of various limits and also set your specific limited time for viewing apps like Instagram, so you can focus the rest of your time on other work. The app also has an option for a 'digital timeout' which works similar to the Do Not Disturb mode on Android by blocking notifications. 

Social Fever 

Social Fever has a catchy name, and it tells you exactly what it sounds like. It tells the users how much time they spend on social media apps each day. You can set timers on apps that inform you when you have used a certain app for a set amount of time. The app is really easy to use and has a clean interface. 


Space is highly helpful and interactive that is tailored to the users' needs. When users sign up for the app, they are given a short questionnaire about their smartphone habits. The Space app then gives you suggestions on how to better use your time. The app also informs users when they spend too much time on an app. Moreover, the app provides very useful information about how to balance your screen time with your daily life. 

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