Call Of Duty: Mobile Beta Now Reportedly Rolling Out In India, Check Out For The Official Download Link

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Have you registered for the closed beta of Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Check out for the official download link

The Call of Duty: Mobile that is now in closed beta is now said to be rolling out to users having already pre-registered to test the game. Do check if you can play the pre-launch version of the action-adventure title.  

As per some gamers across multiple forums, Call of Duty: Mobile Closed beta is currently rolling out in India which means that you should able to check out essential elements of the core Call of Duty within your mobile phones. Now, this reported rollout is by Android users; it is not known if iOS users are also able to access the closed beta. When we checked with an iPhone, after having pre-registered, the rollout was yet to begin. 

These new reports have seemingly been suggesting a relatively extended rollout of the Call of Duty: Mobile; and add to earlier reports that had indicated apparent commencement of the beta variant seeding to gamers having pre-registered to test out the game before it launches publicly soon.  

In case you are amongst those having pre-registered to test out the Call of Duty: Mobile closed beta, then it is imminent that you possess a smartphone with at least 2 GB of RAM under-the-hood along with ensuring that the device runs on a fairly recent operating system version. It is also desirable that your mobile internet connection is robust-a harmless factor.  

At this instant, note that even if you have pre-registered to test out the Call of Duty: Mobile beta, there is no confirmation that you would be allowed to test out the game; it happens randomly in fact and as decided by Activision (publishers of the game). The rollout of the game could also very well be a phased one, and hence you may even receive the official download link by virtue of having registered to test out the game.  

After rollout in India, the beta Call of Duty: Mobile is slated to hit Australia. Hence, keep your eyes and ears open. In case you are a new Call of Duty adapter, do pre-register to test out the game. You could navigate to the Google Play or Apple App Store to pre-register. To check out all the new multiplayer game modes, click here.  

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