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Can You Disable Tab Groups In Chrome For Android Using Chrome Flags? Find Out

Can you disable tab groups in Chrome? Chrome Flags section helped to turn off tab groups and grid view back in time, but it does not work after a recent update.

can you disable tab groups in chrome


After a recent update, Google Chrome introduced a new feature of arranging browser tabs in groups on Android. Using the feature, a user can put together multiple tabs with similar content or information into a grid. It is a handy feature and helps in saving time and screen space. However, not all users welcomed this new feature and wanted their Chrome browser to look and function the way it used to before the update. Can you disable tab groups in Chrome? Read along to know more. 

Can you disable tab groups in Chrome?

As the users were finding it difficult to keep up with the new grid view on mobile devices, they were disappointed. The vertically arranged tabs in Google Chrome mobile browser have been there for a long time, making everyone used to it. However, a few developers and experts came up with ways to disable tab groups in Chrome. The methods used Chrome Flags, designed for testing beta features by users and developers. Following a simple process of searching for 'tab view' or 'tab grid' in the Chrome Flags page and disabling the option worked back in time. But it does not work now.

With a recent update, Chrome does not allow users to disable tab groups or the grid view. But is there no way to turn off tab groups for mobile devices? As it turns out, if a user switches back to the old version of Google Chrome, preferably the factory version, then they can enjoy verticle tabs in Google Chrome mobile browser. Otherwise, there is no legitimate way of disabling the tab groups or grid view in the Google Chrome mobile browser. One might avoid using the tab groups feature in Chrome for Android, but one cannot turn off tab groups. 

What is tab groups in Chrome?

Group Tabs is a feature offered by Google's browser, Chrome. It is designed for users that deal with a large number of tabs on Google Chrome for daily usage. One can group tabs on desktops or mobile phones while using the Chrome browser. In Windows, one needs to right-click on the tab and click on 'Add tab to new group'. Along with that, users can label groups based on their work process or simply use the different colour labels. On mobile devices, one simply has to long-press a tab in the grid view and drag it over to another tab, to group the two tabs together. 


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